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Oh boy... Advise please?

WTF my mom compleatly flipped out on me because i told her that i am bisexual and she told me "Young lady you need to do some deep soul searching! Now go clean your room or something!" I dont know what to do i feel like dieing in a hole or something the sad thing is that before i confessed she said "It's okay you can talk to me" and now i dont feel like i can talk to anyone in my family! i should have kept it secret... What in the name of Holy Rome (character from Hetalia) should i do!? My heart is raceing and I feel like im gonna throw up. please help me the fuck out!

~Black Decay

Hetalia anyone?

ok so my friends and i have a cosplay group for Hetalia and im Germany but i need the accent... but more importantly our little Italy needs a costume please message me or comment if you have any idea for stuff we can do for Italy!! it will be greatly appreciated and i will be recording some of our stuff and posting it when we get it on youtube so yeah! please help!

~Black Decay

has anyone gone to Mardi Gras!!!??

please tell me i am not the only one on here that has please!! i promise you that Mardi Gras is the funnest thing on the planet! i went for six years in a row when i lived in New Orleans then i moved... And if you have wanted to go ill tell ya everything you want to know about it. I BETTER NOT BE THE ONLY ONE THATS BEEN TO MARDI GRAS!

~Black Decay

you know her you love her! heres our birthday girl LYNZ!!!

i think this gets the point across

~Black Decay

what do i watch in science class?? THISS!!

dont ask why but mr courie (my teacher) just played it today and after that the really stupid kid in class (his name is patrick [how fitting]) he did it perfectly!! XD i love my class and teachers and right now im listening to the POKERAP!! "CATCH EM CATCH EM GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!"

~Black Decay

what the heck dude! thats it!

what do you do if your friend is totally avoiding you? i am nearly in tears because my friend just sent me a message that said and i quote "Please go away -.-"

is what i posted on facebook a few min ago. and not im fed up with this chick! if she dose not clean up her act then im done with her! ive been busting my ass to get her down here so i can spend some real time with her and she blew it be getting grounded AGAIN!

A plea for help!

OK! if you are reading this you hopefully want to help! my band is going to cover Every Snowflakes Different by MCR (if you didn't know) and i only can find bass tabs and i need drums synth (keyboard) and lead guitar still! please please PLEASE if you know how to play this song comment or shoot me a message i really need to know this! and Those of you that need help with a song i will pay you back by teaching it too you if i know it! i promise i will! please!!!! PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!! *BEGGING*

~Black Decay
Don't Write!!

Frankie Drawing!!

ive gotten a lot better at drawing but i suck at guitars and i drew this wile waiting for m sister to get out of the hospital cuz she had surgery today for at least 5 hours. but i found a good way to keep myself busy you might have to zoom in to see it though

~Black Decay

dang dog

when ever i have her in my room when i turn on my chemical romance she walks out! shes a drackuloid dog!!! its so strange...

lockdown time

or atleast it was... look at the link for more deets and i go to murray middle school also i added a comment about me in keyboarding

~Black Decay