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new stuff left and right...

Ever since my keyboard broke (the middle c broke OFF) ive been trying new stuff im finally learning guitar, karate, anime drawings, ect. and its pretty fun so far on guitar im currently learning 2 songs the ghost of you (rhythm) and bulletproof heart (also rhythm) i wish i could play my keyboard cuz i have been writing a song on it for my band and in the middle it broke while i was playing... but were trying to fix it so i can post a vid of me playing a song or even doing a tutorial for one or more songs :P

~Black Decay

online karate classes!

yep im taking online karate classes for something new to do this summer and so far im on kicks and i started today. lets hope i dont kick wrong and hurt my ankles even more that would suck... But i do recommend doing these classes from and hey every time i kick i have to turn away from my computer screen :P heck i might be able to beat up my sister at the end of this class :D (shes like a body builder) when im home alone ill do this program and its pretty fun to rock out and practice karate :)

~Black Decay

ani-FUCKING- mazement 2013!

OKAY! so next year my bro is taking me to Animazement next year for the saturday part and ill be doing a cosplay who do you think? Kiba Inukua (pic 1) Germany from Hetalia (pic 2) or Shadow The Hedgehog (pic 3)? I already have my costumes ready for all three and idk who I should do... What do you guys think? Also anyone gonna be there? I hope so if you can shoot me a message and I'll keep an eye open for ya :) Please I need some opinions here and I will appreciate each one. If you have questions about the event or the characters just let me know!

OKAY!!! Time to catch up a little bit :P

Okay I've gotten better with my Dyslexia and you know all that good stuff. Sure I've gotten into a few new bands like Shiny Toy Guns, Blood on the Dance Floor, Panic! At the Disco, ECT. I have to say I missed you guys when I was computerless but we don't have to worry about that anymore do we?

Ok this is BULL!

I was on YouTube listening to sugar rush by BOTDF and looking at the comments. Take a look at them there horrific! anything from BlackDecay1 is me look at all the hate in the one that caused this mess. Theres even hate on mcr and papa roach its sad! im tired of it whos with me? tell me im not the only one against this shit on here

heres a link to the vid with the most conflict

I refuse to take this shit sitting down If anything this could be counted as cyber-bullying You guys agree?

~Black Decay

Dear Haters,

This is for you whom have made fun with the words that cut like knives because I know that my friends and I can over come the BS you put out into the world and frankly I don't care what you think and I could care less if you report me for posting this because it has to be said. If you read this and know you have torn someone down for being different or for "Fame" listen to this song and realize that it effects stars too. You're still a human just one that feel like causing hurt is the only answer.

mind if i vent a little?

well last year when i first started falling in love with mcr i had found out that my dad quit his job and my family couldnt even afford stuff off the dollar menu at mcdonalds my mom was working part time and i was starting to sink into a deep depression. all this has been building up inside me and i nearly killed myself last october. my grades suffered and i would do anything to get out of the house so i took a huge chunk out of my life for school plays. i was in crew so i had an excuse to wear all black.

omg.... i love them!

this is self explanitory... "whats italian for si?"

~Black Decay

No juice!?

ok so ive been listening to black dragon fighting society all day to feel better and i asked my sister if we had any juice and she said "I dont think we do our fridge stopped working remember?" so i said "NUUUU!!! I need that juice so i can kill! come one! weve gotta have some!"and she looked at me like i was on crack but ive been working on a drawing of my killjoy drinking out of a juice box saying "I think its time to run you Dracks" oh no! my dad just walked in during the "WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and he just said "Ok? a medical emergence?