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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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Okay so I'm in a band that's been trying to get started for a year now (were getting a drum set soon and my keyboard is fixed) so I have been trying to write two songs and there called Miscommunication and This Dull Knife but I only have the damn names! I have gotten nowhere fast. Please I really need help normally I could do this on my own but I've done nothing other than names. I just need some good lyrics and I can figure out the rest. If you help me with lyrics I will give you credit for the lyrics and I will thank you til the end of the world!

Remember my old drawing of Gerard Way?

well ive improved a lot as you can see :P

~Black Decay

To My Big Sister

Well this goes out to my sister whom I love with all my heart. She is moving away in about a month and I'm going to miss her more than I think she knows. On July 20th I will have to say goodbye to my only sister... She's not really a sister she's more than that... She's a best friend. I mean every word that I say about her and I would never take back any of it. She's changed me for the better she's always there for me and I'll always be right here waiting for my sister to come home. I'm actually building up tears while I type this.

I was just serenading my dog! she loved it!

I was watching a movie and my dog came in so what do I do? I sing Arms by Christina Perry and she jumped on the couch. Then licked my nose :P

~Black Decay


Well I am HUGE into cosplay and here is a list of my topics
Sonic: I'm Shadow The Hedgehog
Naruto: I'm Kiba
Resident Evil: I'm Leon
Hetalia: I'm Germany
Killjoys: I'm Party Poison
Killjoys of Zone 21: I'm Black Decay
Chibitalia: I'm "Mr." Austria
Marvle Vs. Capcom: I'm Dante sometimes Deadpool
Beyblade Metal Masters: I'm Ryuga
Beyblade G-Force: I'm Tyson Granger
the only character that is a girl is Black Decay... Oh well I'm used to being a guy cuz of my hair cut (I think it's shorter than Gee's now!) But since I know multiple languages I can do a wide verity of characters.


whoo! now... yep this is self explanatory... what a nice wake up call!

~Black Decay

Hold on a second...

GUYS!!! since the new album is being made they're probably changing it to match the new album! which means the album is probably gonna be coming out sooner than we thought! but I WANT MY BLOGS BACK!!! DX if they're expanding it to make it cooler thats gonna be sick (in a good way) but just putting the puzzle together and this was one possibility... Any thoughts?

~Black Decay


all of my blogs are gone and so are all my friends blogs the new page is back to 2009 and my friend page is over 6000 pages long something happened just a few minuets ago and i would appreciate know what happened its cool that there making everybody friends with everybody but the blog situation is not making any since at all to me and my friends... Any ideas killjoys?

~Black Decay

HELPPPP!!! please?

I'm working on a written 7 min in heaven (emo version) for my pals and i need 6 emo guys names other than Jayy Wolfgang James Dunkin Dustin and Rickey (I've already used those) I can't think of anything and the personalities are
Self absorbed
Out going
I will love you forever if you can help me! Please?? Pretty please? Come on this is my summer passion! My other friends won't help me ('Cuz there all asleep) Anyone that's up please comment what you think!! PLEASE!
~Black Decay

Tokio Hotel anyone? (Other than Zone Specter)

Sure there a German band but there really good! I'm learning how to play Don't Jump by Tokio Hotel (once my fix my keyboard) and I'll be doing this version and I'm really excited to do it because it sounds beautiful on piano. Not to mention that a lot of people at my school love Tokio Hotel so I can play it at next years talent show but I have about a year to memorize it... I am not allowed to have sheet music on stage (that and i am horrible at reading it) because it looks bad but well two violinists last year got to use it while I was stuck with a memorized piece.