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i need advice........

my bffs bday was on june 5th(mine was the day before) and i was outta town so i couldn't celebrate with her shes a huge mcr fan and i cant afford to get her something WHAT DO I DO!?

i need advice........

ok so heres the problem my bffs bday is the day after mine and this year i was out of town so i couldn't celebrate it with her. shes a huge mcr fan and i cant afford to get her anything this year what do i do!?

vampires will never hurt you review

i just watched the video to vampires will never hurt you and heres what i think
FUCKIN AWESOME! like all of there videos just fuckin awesome but its not my favorite video how ever the best video on the planet is na na na it even won best video award and i totally agree with the decision and they are making a video for planetary (go) and i cant wait to see it


RANDOM QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of the mcr songs you can think of right now(no cheating) did gerard find out he could sing old is gerard
4. why cant mikey move around and sing while playing guitar
5.can gerard play guitar
6. how many dogs does mikey have
7. ray cat or dog

thank you for participating


OK so i was watching the performance from last night and my t.v just went BLACK! and the worst part is it didn't record! so i only saw part of it but what i saw was amazing....... BUT MY FUCKIN TV JUST GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!! man if i didn't live in Wilmington then i would have gone to see it.

rockin out!

hey! the only thing ive done 2day other than c my boyfriend was......... ROCK OUT 2 MCR! i love these guys tons. and right now im listnin to Dead! The next song is vampire money " 3 2 1 we came to fuck!"

To Gerard, Mikey, Ray, and Frank

The Mcrmy of Wilmington North Carolina would greatly enjoy a concert in Wilmington NC. The branch seams small because its a small town but i know the concert would sell (i would be there), or maby you can come to the azalea festal. Also I would like to congratulate you for your most resent awards (best internal band and best video). You guys rock!