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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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i finally learned how to play the intro to welcome to the black parade and most of blood on piano! ill try 2 get a video in soon... it took me all year just 2 find the sheet music and another year 2 get this far. but im proud of my self for doing that....

- Black Decay

my drawing of gerard

what do u guys think? its my 1st drawing of gerard


me:*chillen on the couch*
?:*knock knock*
me: who could that be*opens door*
?: is this the jewel thief?
me: yea y?
?:*puts a bag over my head*
gerard: its ok ur among friends*takes a mask off and gets the bag off my head*
me: oh ok so why am i here?
ray: we needed u 4 a mission killjoy
me: uve got the wrong killjoy im just me im not a real killjoy
gerard: can i c ur wallet?
me: sure*hands it to him*
gerard: an official killjoy wallet and whats this?*holds up my killjoy card*
me: my killjoy card....
gerard: suit up*tosses me a bag with my killjoy suit*
me: how


this time theres somethin about frank.........
1. frank has a tattoo of what on his neck
2. does ray have a tattoo on his arm?
3. gerard has signed many things including what
4. mikey has been teased by who?
5. finish this quote by bob "and _____________ phone number is...."
6. who designed the black parade jackets?
7. what did mikey receive from the 1st ever mcr secret santa?
8. what city was mcr in when someone said " you better stay on that side of the street mother fucker ill knock you out"
9. what dose mcr like to do to there fans?(hint: its a gerard quote)
10. what is the back story to

rockin out all day!

i have a whole fuckin playlist of mcr and im just dancin in my room being half bored

the cake order......

it gets worse i tried 2 convince her 2 let me take a pic of it so i could post it and i said "they might c it" she said "how many times do i have 2 say no!?" and i was thinking "bitch! it would have gotten you more business if my fellow killjoys lived in wilmington!" and i was so pissed so to help me blow off some steam i was drawing what the cake could look like and it isent done yet but it will b done by the end of the week.

baking baking BAKING!!!!!!

ok so my mom has a business and she bakes cakes all day long and she has a mcr related cake order and she is turning to me 2 help her and im like "mom its easy just make a cake with gerard ray mikey and frank made out of fondant and them playing at a concert its that simple" and she said "can u help me with makeing them out of fondant plese?" and i said "let me think" so what do you guys think about me helping her and not getting any or the profit?

i found out what im gonna do for my boyfriend!

i decided to draw him in a lincin part tee and sonic running behind him what do u guys think? good idea or bad idea?

i need more advice.....

sence im broke i cant get anything for my boyfriend and our anevercary is comming up in excatly 7 days and i have no idea what to draw for him he likes halo and mass effect and he loves lincon park and sonic the hedgehog. can u help me think of something oi can do for him?

i need advice........

my bffs bday was on june 5th(mine was the day before) and i was outta town so i couldn't celebrate with her shes a huge mcr fan and i cant afford to get her something WHAT DO I DO!?