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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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type much? well welcome to the club

i have been typing all day yesterday and all day today and my fingers dont even hurt yet and i bet that by the time i finish writeing my book i will also have finger mussels and be the champ at thumb wrestling ;) i have typed 1334 words in less than a total of like 12 hours of typing manily 1000 today so yea im like in the zone today. and by the time school starts up agian (the 25th of August) i will be a very fast typer. wish me luck....

are you ready killjoys?

WOOT! my book has reached 800+ words! in 2 days filled with typing and clicking! its going well and i just think this is going to be the best book ive ever written and probably the most complicated one ive ever written i will post more of it soon and i hope to see what you think and things that i could change to make it better. wish me luck ;D

who loves mcr? ME and i can prove it

i know so much about gerard and the gang i know there bdays i know alot more about them than my friend that has know them sence they where 7 and i just got in2 them this year

the book.......

ok! my book is going good but im running out of inspiration! the heat is melting my brain away! still tying to keep cool but its kinda failing......

freezing my ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well its over way 95f where i am and i have my ac running and i fan and im in shorts and a tank top wishing that i was in Antarctica with i bunch of penguins and polar bears eating some fuckin Popsicles i mean i live like 5 miles from a beach and we cant go cuz my dad has a cold plus my feet would b burning from the hot sand and we dont have a pool how elts can i stay cool im DESPERATE!!

Party Poison walked up to me and said”What are you doing!?” I responded “I’m tired of being a killjoy I can’t take this anymore!” I walked off. Party Poison shouted” Wait! Don’t go we need you!” I still said “levee me alone! Ok!? I don’t want to be a part of this anymore!” Party Poison shouted” Black Decay! WAKE UP!” I just stud there saying” am I dreaming?” My eyes shot open and I was surrounded by Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. I shouted “MOM? Where is she!? Who are you!?” Jet Star covered my mouth.

video review to im not okay

Alright another video review and its a really good one to its one of my favorites from the my chem files its Im not okay! it was very well put together and at parts i laughed my ass off. its funny and its kinda hard to get me to laugh as hard as i did when i watch this video. i don't really think i saw a part that was serious but i just laughed my fuckin ass off. and when they post there newest video i will be the person to turn to for opinions there newest video is going to be an official music video for planetary (go)! i think it will be a killjoy video.


7 gud years! u can keep going! i know you can my fellow killjoys know you can! keep going!

the book.......

well im writing a book as of yesterday and its called "Black Decay the Killjoy" and im thinkin it could b a very gud series off books sorta like harry potter (LOVE THAT SERIES) and im thinkin the 1st book could b called "Black Decay Hacker Extraordinaire" cuz my killjoy is called Black Decay and shes very misunderstood and she mad this night mare b4 she met party poison jet star fun ghoul and kobra kid and she didtent think killjoys where real but they are.... so far its 400 words and i typed 300+ last night so wish me luck.

off to bed

yawn im tired im gonna head 2 bed*snap of a twig* *BANG* stupid drackuloids wont levee me alone 2day god well night killjoys help keep the zones shinin bright till 2mrro NIGHT!