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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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ive got me a small problem

ok so i have 4 peeps in my band and we are trying to pick a name and the choices are 3rd degree burns or burning love and where tied 2 to 2 so what do you guys think?
and we need some help thinking of some song names we could go off any ideas?

~ Black Decay

future drawings from me (once i get some pics off my camera)

i have finished drawing mikey from the black parade times and i am currently working on frank then i will attempt ray wish me luck with the hair ;)

rain rain go away... JUST GO TO TEXAS ALREADY!

man at the farmers market today we dident sell alot and the whole time i was singing "rain rain go away got to Texas before i kick your ass" and i got so many people to crack up it was funny as hell but im serious i mean i know where i am im in a drought to but guys in Texas need more alot more.... STUPID RAIN!


ok so i was sitting at my desk typing and then all of a sudden it started pouring down rain! and then i was still typing and my street was flooded! we had to move our cars sence they where close to the street and i said "WHAT THE HELL!?" and i was thinking send this to Texas they need it more!

i couldent wait any longer here it is! (Black Decay the Killjoy)

Party Poison walked up to me and said”What are you doing!?” I responded “I’m tired of being a killjoy I can’t take this anymore!” I walked off. Party Poison shouted” Wait! Don’t go we need you!” I still said “levee me alone! Ok!? I don’t want to be a part of this anymore!” Party Poison shouted” Black Decay! WAKE UP!” I just stud there saying ”am I dreaming? Or is this real?” My eyes shot open and I was surrounded by Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. I shouted “MOM? Where is she!? Who are you!?” Jet Star covered my mouth.

2000 words into this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok! finally i reached 2000 fuckin words it took a long time but i finally did it! plez read what i have so far tomorrow i look forward to seeing any comments

~Black Decay

1943 words and counting!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1943 WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO FINISH THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i bet my fingers are gonna have mussles by the time the book is done ;D tomorrow i will post what i have so far plez i would love to know what everybody thinks im gonna need all the luck i can get thanx for everything now its time for me to start typing once more

~Black Decay

i dont give a damn

so the book is going gud its 300 words away from 2000 words and my fingers dont even hurt and every Saturday i will post what i have so far so yea im gonna keep typing! untill its done! i am in the zone!

~Black Decay

ive got me a small laptop

the laptop im using for typing my book is 10.1 inches and the keys are screwin me up! cuz there kinda small its tiny and its kinda hard to use cuz its tiny and when i get to use the family computer i feel small cuz theres is like 5 inches bigger than mine and im just like "how many places can i put my computer like everywhere but theres not so much" and its like i can put mine on my lap and it fits the family computer would almost fall off its kinda funny though

type much? well welcome to the club

i have been typing all day yesterday and all day today and my fingers dont even hurt yet and i bet that by the time i finish writeing my book i will also have finger mussels and be the champ at thumb wrestling ;) i have typed 1334 words in less than a total of like 12 hours of typing manily 1000 today so yea im like in the zone today. and by the time school starts up agian (the 25th of August) i will be a very fast typer. wish me luck....