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Drawings anyone?

Anybody want me to draw a pic of yourself? I'm really bored... I'll even color it! In sharpie! Outlined and everything! Please I need something to do... If you do just send me a pic of you and I'll try and get it done asap! I've done pics of James Cheal, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bill Kaulitz, Jayy Von Monroe, my band mates, ect. Please I need something to do! I mean really who wouldn't want me do draw a pic of them! Okay I can think of a few but you can see my new realistic style! :D PLEASE!

~Black Decay

EHHH! DX I think I put my phone and iPod in their death bed!

When my phone and iPod went for a swim in the ocean (about five days ago) I came home and put them in uncooked rice... They still wont turn on... Hopefully I get a new phone soon because I can't stand being without one that and I wont know when my boyfriend comes home (He has been in Maryland for a month) not to mention I use that phone to help my friend (She has a few problems lets just say). But my computer is officially dead so I'm using my dads right now... It sucks but I'm getting through it...

~Black Decay


I just had the idea of a Hetalia chain party! If you get as many local Hetalia cosplayers to go to a party get a video, post it to youtube, and send it to me! Mine is gonna be cool I thought that if everybody brought a dish from their country and we could have an awesome picnic! I think it would be really cool! Send em a message if you want more details! I'll be happy to tell you more :D

~Black Decay
Aka Germany

Happy Birthday to the man with the Fro! WHOO!

My dad wont let me save pics of him so I can post them... DX But happy birthday to dear Ray! From me and my pals!

~Black Decay and friends

I am so getting this game! 8D


~Black Decay

Oh god someone please tell me it's okay! *sobbing*

I am literally sobbing right now! I wont be able to contact my parents if something happens because my phone is not working still and same with my ipod. The house phone was disconnected last week and I'm home alone. I am so fucking scared if I didn't go on that damn boat ride I would be fine but I can't even talk to my local friends right now! There is not a single phone in the house right now and I'm stuck with my dads computer. Heck if I don't get a new phone or something that can make calls/txts soon I'm going to be hysterical! I already am but we all know that it can get worse.

What a great day! *EXTREME SARCASM*

Well I went on a boat ride with my parents and their friends, I wanted to take some pictures of the river/ocean for my friends, and I had brought my iPod and my phone aboard. We were coming back from looking at some islands and some idiot was going really fast and created this 4 ft tall wake coming in our direction. I was sitting towards the front and i got soaked from head to toe. I had reached for my pocket that had my phone and it would not turn on. My iPod wouldn't either.

song!! (any help from guitarists)

well my band has decided that one song will be acoustic (Miscommunication) and I and the person that kind of knows acoustic more than electric so im doing the rhythm for it. I started writing the chords and so far they are: C, D7, A7, E, G, Em, C, G
I dont know what i can do next! Please I really would love some help and I will give you credit! Heck I just need some help cuz ive tried other combinations and they sound shitty. The singer took over the lyrics so thats one less thing i have to worry about... PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BEGGING!

~Black Decay

What happens when I go to the beach with my parents? THIS PICTURE HAPPENS!

it looks like I'm high... THANKS MOM!!! I was in mid word and I was blinking...
Oh and she put it on facebook for all my buddys to see -_-
~Black Decay

Okay! I'm done with this shit! Someone better say their sorry!

Someone on this very site insulted my best friend (MCRs killjoy) and said that she stole art from someone! Look she's like a sister to me and I refuse to hear this fuckery! I went back to her blog with the bull shit and it was gone! Who ever did this better fess up and say sorry because she can do stuff like that on her own and no one and I mean NO BODY talks shit about my best friend EVER! You've got me steamed up and you better confess before this gets really ugly! She is an AMAZING artist and dose NOT deserve this shit!