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a new business investment

i just got some angel the cake lady tees for the family and they have the logo and the phone number ill try to get a pic in soon (that is if my sis emails the pic to me)

~Black Decay


tomorrow is open house at my school and i am so nerves i cant even explain it in words also i heard that most of the 7th grade teachers are really mean at my school does anyone have tips on how to stay calm when you could possibly make a fool of yourselves when you need to make a good impression on someone?

~Black Decay


i just made this gerard way pokemon card and i think its just plain awesome and i gave him as much health possible(200hp) and i made up some moves off the top of my head and he evolves from MIKEY! and i was just like this is a good idea to have him evolve from his own brother XD and he is just plain awesome already!

~Black Decay

future drawings from me (once i get some pics off my camera)

ok! i have successively drawn gerard mikey and frank! and hopefully i will be able to draw ray bob and matt wish me luck with ray ;) and they will all be from diffrent times like mikey was from b.p times and frank was from 3 cheers. what time should i draw the others?

~ Black Decay


if you go into google and type in angel the cake lady then the 1st 4 links are my moms business things! she was so thrilled that her stuff was google worthy and its also bing worthy! and we found this 2day and i was like hows that 4 a bday present!

Black Decay the Killjoy pt. 1

Party Poison walked up to me and said”What are you doing!?” I responded “I’m tired of being a killjoy I can’t take this anymore!” I walked off. Party Poison shouted” Wait! Don’t go we need you!” I still said “levee me alone! Ok!? I don’t want to be a part of this anymore!” Party Poison shouted” Black Decay! WAKE UP!” I just stud there saying ”am I dreaming? Or is this real?” My eyes shot open and I was surrounded by Party Poison, Jet Star, Kobra Kid, and Fun Ghoul. I shouted “MOM? Where is she!? Who are you!?” Jet Star covered my mouth.


i need some help with my fan fic. black decay the killjoy and i cant think of what i can do. i have typed 2294 words and i am STUCK! i just cant get anything elts on the thing and its at an odd point to stop can you guys please please PLEASE help me??????????

life is boring with out mcr...

ok so im going into 7th grade soon and i wont be able to blog as often cuz of homework and shit like that ya know. and im gonna be on after 3:35pm so yea dont be suprized if you dont hear from me for a while

~Black Decay

i think my mom is really happy

thanks for all the bday wishes 4 my mom she really loves the fact that random people care about her she is really happy to know that she dosent have to start baking till like wed. so shes really happy and shes feeling a lot better today.

~Black Decay

oh crap

ok so my dad and i went to see if we had any propain and we dont have any to grill my moms favorite food and we cant cook it with out the grill what am i going to do................. oh and before i forget my mom said thank you for all of the birthday wishes and get well wishes.....

~ Black Decay