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ok so me and my friend are fighting and i kicked our old singer out and she thought that she thought of the band and i was like OH HELL NO! and my pals in the band are helping me and when i saw her at open house she compleatly avoided me and it gets worse shes spreading rumors about me and almost broke me and my boyfriend up shes gonna pay and i need a lot of back up on this to get it through her head cuz shes BULLING me! i feel like i made the best choice for the band cuz she was making the 3rd degree burns into the randoms!

tackling pt 2

ok killjoys! pt 2 is getting ready to be posted soon. MCRs killjoy'S driving me crazy! i cant believe she is making her own book but its good for her i guess me and her could make a series. it would probably be a lot faster this way.
mcrs killjoy: Yes this thing is sooooo true...... Were writing a book at the same time my txt message each moth for summer almost 25 thousand words more than half goes to this woman
me: its sooooooo true i mean really we have to keep in touch...

~Black Decay & Physco bit


she wont give me my computer back! ugggg! help me get my computer back!

~Black Decay


being bored and i use the family computer cuz MCRS KILLJOY jacked my computer and i like i feel so tiny cuz this computer is 5 inches bigger than mine wish me luck working on the book

~Black Decay

the water spout

the people on the beach are stupid as hell ... if you look to the right of the one thats on land theres a second one


me: are you thinking about thinking?
cleaverbot: im thinking about you.
me: creepy!
cleaverbot: you are a bot.
me: no i am human.
cleaverbot: no. YOU are the bot i am the human!
me: prove it.
cleaverbot: look in the mirror human.
me: i dont need a fucking mirror i know im human
cleaverbot: im confused youre confusing but we all have those days
me: i know i learn from the best
cleaverbot: i know im the best what are you?
me: better than you
cleaverbot: what are you?
me: what are you?
cleaverbot: are you a human?
me: no im an alien from the planet Pluto
cleaverbot: im an angel from cloud 9


the storm has cleared up and there where 2 or 3 water spouts but i am ok!

TORNADO WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this scared the shit outta me

ok so i live like 5 or 10 miles from the beach and there was a tornado over there less that 10 min ago! and idk what will happen so im gonna log off and hopefully be on again by the end of the day...

~Black Decay


i finally know what my classes are and im excited as hell!
1st semester
home room:Mr.Hager
mastery: Mr.Courie
social studies:Mr. Hager
language arts:Ms.Roberts
2nd semester
home room: Hager
mastery: Courie
social studies: Hager
science: Courie
language arts: Roberts
math: Downing
keyboarding: Pearson
chorus: Southerland
wish me luck with Pearson and Southerland

~ Black Decay

a new business investment

i just got some angel the cake lady tees for the family and they have the logo and the phone number ill try to get a pic in soon (that is if my sis emails the pic to me)

~Black Decay