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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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ok the storm is eh... but my book is approaching 5000 words! and i am so excited to share pt 2 with you guys! i still have power but probably not for long... i'm gonna give my fingers the workout of a lifetime ;) so far so good. if my camera wasn't jam packed with pictures i would take some pics of the storm as it slams into my small town. i love you guys! keep running!

~Black Decay

mad at my parents

ok so i asked my dad for some batteries for my flashlight and he said "use those hand cranking ones we got you for christmas" and i dont have them any more ugg! so i went to see if i could find them in my storm chest and i found the worst flashlights ever there tiny and DEAD! life sucks so i went to my bro and sis and they where 'busy' so i just said i give up im just gonna use my fuckin ds for light! and my parents wont levee me alone and it gets worse they took my blanket from me and now im freezing! ugggg! life sucks!

~Black Decay

P.S thank you killjoys that are keeping the killjoys on


ok so the hurricane is still here and i still have power and im rockin out having a hurricane party its kinda fun! im doing pictures and trying to tune out the heavy rain and the strong wind. ITS COLD IN HERE! god! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! goodness gracious its cold! wheres my jacket oh wait its in STORAGE! not cool! but anyways so far so good and i hope it dosent get worse.....

~Black Decay

the fuckin hurricane

ok so get this im in the middle of a strong hurricane and i still have power the pic is very out dated but it still shows how big it is! and i see that my fellow killjoys are hopefully okay... i mean really i will keep you in my mind heart and prayers at all times cuz were a BIG family that can concur anything we set our minds too... i love you all.......

~Black Decay


because of the hurricane new hanover county schools are CLOSED! tomorrow! this means i can work on some drawings find sheet music and write my book! but the down side is that i wont be able to keep my pals calm and there FREAKING OUT! im kinda sad cuz that also means that my pals that have NEVER been in a hurricane are like at my neck for advise and im like telling them everything they have to do and a lot of my friends are asking me for advise cuz i survived hurricane katrina in 2005 so yea im like the hurricane expert of the class...

~Black Decay

how to do this?

ok im trying to draw ray toro and i cant figure out how to draw his fro so yea any advice? and im still looking for sheet music and so far no luck but i will never give up! i am still working on the book and so far so good... my friend is kinda in a different class then me this year and i get to see her once every day it sucks. the hurricane is scaring the shit outta me... and i might have to evacuate so yea im really scared now... cuz you never know what your gonna come back too....... ill keep you guys updated and in my prayers bye! for now...

~Black Decay

having trouble

does anybody have a polaroid mp3 player? cuz im having a difficult time getting my itunes music on it and i would really love it if someone could help me get music on this thing before i evacuate i have it plugged into my computer can you please help me?????????????????????????????????????????????????

~Black Decay


i have to get ready to evacuate so yea im gonna be really mad cuz i would not be able to listen to mcr except for welcome to the black parade. it sucks cuz all of my music is on grooveshark and im the only killjoy in the family and i see people that dont like mcr as dracks and my mom was like "you are not wearing all black to school today" and i was so pissed it wasn't funny i was forced to were PINK!

school NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

school starts tomorrow and i cant fit everything in my bag and we dont have anything to put extra stuff in it kinda sucks cuz i have to carry all the extra stuff with me all week! we dont get lockers until like friday UGG! stupid stuff! and it gets worse i was suppost to have 3 inch binders for every one of my classes except for gym and i cant even fit two 2 inch binders and a 1 inch binder in my bag and the binders are too tall for my bag it really sucks!

~Black Decay


ok so i was really bored and i said "im gonna build something outta legos" and i made LEGO MCR! its kinda suckish though cuz i dident have a head for mikey! but i have the others but no mikey! it sucks just because of that and i dident have any hair pieces so i took little studs and put a red 1 on gerard and a black 1 on ray but i dident have enough to form his fro! it sucks! and i have the worst crowd it sucks even more!

~Black Decay