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hunt for a lock and a bp jacket for a low price

hey killjoys! just wanted to know if anyone knows where i can get a bp jacket for a low price cuz my mom said "if you can find one for a good price i will get it for you during winter" so im desperate to know if anyone knows where i can find one for a really good price... please let me know PLEASE!!! love y'all

~Black Decay

are you KIDDING ME!?

ok so during the hurricane i was working on the book and i dident check to see how much batterie life i had and i was almost done with pt3 and what happens next.... DEAD! its bad enough i was stupid and dident charge it but i dident save! and it gets worse i dident have power so i couldent charge it! god why!!!!????

~Black Decay

dear lord...

ok so i had the eye makeup from b.p on all day today and my mom said to me "why do you where that?" and i said "because it makes me feel like i can do anything i want" and then she took my makeup from me and i said "wtf mother!? i need that for school!" and she went on about how i need to straighten up and shit like that and i was so mad i almost pulled my knife out but i stopped myself i just cant handle her any more i need to get away from her asap......

~Black Decay

people need to learn how to knock

ok so i was in my room with my door closed getting ready for an mcr party and i was doing my eye makeup like gerards from b.p and my mom barges in and says "what are you doing!?" and i said "getting ready for the party.." she cut me off saying "you look way to emo!" and i shouted "I AM EMO!" and she grounded me from the party and i was so pissed that i wore all black and still had the makeup on and my dad then barges in and i wasent looking so i said "MOM LEVEE ME ALONE!" and he just walked out telling my mom that i was being emo again and i said "I HAVE EARS YA KNOW!" i really need a lock

gerard has the biggest heart on the planet!
gerard is the sweetest man ever to do this <3

~Black Decay


hey! just wanted to know if any of you guys would like to be in my book and if so i will need to know any costumes and names thank you guys! its going well and i also need some 'traitors' for a part of the book that im planning so far i have Black Decay and Psycho Bit... wish me tons of luck.

~Black Decay

p.s for all of you fellow killjoys on the east coast (like me) i just got through the hurricane and it wasent that bad but make sure you either have a generator or flashlights good luck guys!

finding things

ok so im having a little trouble finding things in my home that i could edit and possibly make a killjoy video with my pals that live close to me i have 20 dead batteries nerf guns jackets tons of paper hats masks bandannas old watches that are dead flashlights and stuff like that and my pals are looking to see if they can find anything im looking everywhere cuz moneys tight for my family so yea wish me luck im gonna need it

~Black Decay


ok so i was playing magic the gathering with my bro and a HUGE gust of wind blew a tree down and i said "OH MY GUST!" and it got my mom and dad to laugh and my bro said "thats soooooooo original" and i rolled my eyes and killed him in 1 move (he was at 3 hp i was at 20 out of 20) so it ended up with me making all sorts of storm jokes and got my family to crack up! and me winning 3 games of magic and like 10 of pokemon! we did lose power at one point for about all night! and the wind kept me up cuz it was howling between my garage and i was annoying my bor by talkin bout mcr all night long!

Black Decay the Killjoy pt. 2

I said “what the hell are you guys doing as killjoys!?” Gerard said to me “they took my child…” he was tearing up and I said in the most calming voice I could ever pull off “so Bandit is your...” Gerard interrupted me but he was looking at the door. A woman was standing there with red hair that was dyed. She was wearing a black my chemical romance t-shirt and skinny jeans and had black converse shoes on. Gerard said to her “what are you doing here!?” She said “I was worried that you would get hurt” he was hiding his soldier and said “how did you know?


ok the storm is eh... but my book is approaching 5000 words! and i am so excited to share pt 2 with you guys! i still have power but probably not for long... i'm gonna give my fingers the workout of a lifetime ;) so far so good. if my camera wasn't jam packed with pictures i would take some pics of the storm as it slams into my small town. i love you guys! keep running!

~Black Decay