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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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playin the game...

i suck at this game i cant aim! and once i was chased by like 10 spiders and being shot at by like 20 dracks! and i havent unlocked frank ray or gerard yet so i have to be mikey right now... and it gets worse if you dont compleat the mission it dosent record your score it sucks!

~Black Decay

ps heres the link agian KEEP RUNNIN!

i escaped! i just found this game of killjoys but i have to play as mikey until i get better at it.......

im surrounded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and my sis are surrounded by dracks and we need a little help i dont have my guns to fight back what do we do!?

to every killjoy out there...

if you ever need something to cheer you up make you smile or just for fun just message me and ill get to seeing if i can find something to make you guys laugh. and i am an ACE at finding funny stuff like these pics and there all mcr related! and if you just want something random and funny just let me know and that frown will be upside down in no time. love you all and you are too good to be unhappy.

~Black Decay

im watching people die!!!!!!!!!!

im so bored ive been reduced to watching 1000 ways to die and its BLOODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theres a marathon on right now and theres a new one coming on soon and i wanna see how bloody its gonna be... and i really dont watch this show but its amazing how many ways people can die from being stupid... OOOOOO THATS SO FUCKIN BLOODY!! man i dont wanna see that again! and its bad when im grossed out cuz im like hard as a rock compared to gross things.......

~Black Decay

this is for all of you killjoys that needed a smile!

this always make me laugh! its white and nerdy by wired al!

~Black Decay

i got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy now and im feeling better from that cold and once again THANK YOU IRENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i have had such a good day today and it just turned me from AHHHH LIGHT! into what i nice day..... but im still gonna where dark cloths... yea and in chorus today i was struggling so i sung as high as i could and mr.

my view of the world...

to me there are two sides to the world you are either a killjoy of a drackuloid i live with three drackuloids!(my sis loves them but she dosent have an account *tear*) and i have to hide my mcr stuff so heres what i do... i sneak into my bros room while hes at work and jack his nerf guns and his Klingon knife(fake) and when the dracks get home i ambush them and i run off saying "KILLJOYS NEVER DIE!!!" and they dont come after me so its like a win for me and i win for the killjoys! and its true that i am emo and i rebel agents my parents and my killjoy pals are helping me!

night killjoys!

good luck killjoys on the east please be safe and dont levee your house! night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Black Decay

i hate my life sometimes........

ok so im sitting here on my computer lookin at random stuff and i just typed in mcrmy of north carolina and i little pic that i just loved popped up and i couldent save it to my computer and i was gonna post it but now i cant. and i have to go to school tomorrow and the hurricane gave me a cold and i am so fuckin sick its not funny and i still have to go to school it sucks! THANKS A LOT IRENE!!!

~Black Decay