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i love this game!

burnout3 is such a good game! im playing it right now and i set the music to the tracks that i like! woot! best takedown ever!


ok so i was chillin on my bed playing burnout3 and im not okay came on and i thought it was my phone so i looked at the tv and i was like THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and like i was thrilled ya know...

~Black Decay

video update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my mom said that i could shoot the video with my pals but we only have one guy and im working on gettin some more to help maby my bro and dad can help... bu anyways it should be done by sometime next year! wish me luck with props...

~Black Decay


bloody life:

its everyday in my bloody life
waking up to meet death
but i survive
after one day comes another
face to face
toe to toe
nose to nose
finally the day has come for me to slip away

ying yang:

division between
religion and gender
race and power
it just needs to stop
its sick and retarded
popular or unpopular
we all need to remember that friendship has no color
and i know we can get along

ugggg............ I HATE MY LIFE! its never been a bed of roses(hint hint)

(song reafrence!!!! message me or comment your guess) ugg im so fuckin tired of bullies! they need to go down! and ive written a poem about it


one person
one room
two knifes
blood on both
not clean but
very dirty
but clean to me
its never enough
knife in hand
searching for
its never enough
and it stops

~Black Decay

i hate my middle school life....

ok so im forced to go to school everyday and im being bullied because im "fat" and "ugly" and "not athletic" and i cant really do anything about it because my teachers and some of my friends dont believe and by some i mean MOST and it gets worse im bullied for being emo and being a "nerd" and thinking "gerard way makes the pain go away" and we all know its true and its a good thing i gave up my knife and stuff like that cause i would probably be dead because im that depressed and its a deep depression and i do things that make me feel like i have power over everyone (the ones that bully me)

DEAR LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so today was half and half bad: my mom is yelling at me for asking her if i could go over to my boyfriends house this weekend and she just wont shut up..... good: i was the only person in the soprano section to sing on there on.... bad: i did HORRIBLE! on the shuttle run.... good: well theres nothing elts good except talking to my fellow killjoys.....

~Black Decay

honestly i dont know how to describe my day

ok so my bad day started yesterday because i had to do the mile run(11min and 39sec my personnel best) and my legs still hurt and when i have to get up to do anything it takes me like a min to get up fully. but on the bright side i was officaly ranked as a soprano! but at first mr.

i was soooooo close!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man this game is addictive and thank god i finished my homework cuz i have been playing this game for over 3 hours trying to get past the mikey level... does anyone know how to get past it????? im like so frustrated right now and this game is really hard for me. but anyways i just wanted to say im do proud of sll of you killjoys for everything you guys have done for me! and the rest of the world you guys rock!!!!!!!! and hows my fellow killjoys on the east coast????????????? i know the storm is gone! thank you jet stream! i love you guys! keep runnin!

~Black Decay

playin the game...

i suck at this game i cant aim! and once i was chased by like 10 spiders and being shot at by like 20 dracks! and i havent unlocked frank ray or gerard yet so i have to be mikey right now... and it gets worse if you dont compleat the mission it dosent record your score it sucks!

~Black Decay

ps heres the link agian KEEP RUNNIN!