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mcrmyofwilmington's blog

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theres nothing yo do at my house! i cant even think straight and im just like ugg what can i do!? uggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg boredom! do you guys have any suggestions on what i can do?????????????????

~Black Decay


i hate being bored... honestly i wish i could do this summer over again but take it to the next level and actually do something with my life...

ways to get on my parents nerves >:)

1. blare mcr and msi and leathermouth in my room
2. were all black
3. were black eye makeup
4. ask them if my most annoying friend can come over
5. ask them to drive me around town for hours
6. ask them if we could go to myrtle beach
7. ask them if we could go to the board walk
8. call them dracks
9. pick on my bro
10. pick on my sis
11. just stay in my room all day
there so strict...

~Black Decay

awesome ringtones!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have four really awesome ringtones like welcome to the black parade and then i have planetary(go) and na na na and then i have a shot gun firing! woot!!!! now when ever i get a txt and my phone is in my back pocket i can say "sorry my butt is shooting again" XD and my parents will be like wtf and all its funny! XD

~Black Decay

i had an idea for a location...

i was thinking that down town would be a great place for the video it has historic places and museums and a battleship... the question is do you guys think thats a good idea?

multi tasking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so busy im bloging cleaning emaling designing killjoy marks making props and writing a script while writing a book at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i havent found any more sheet music but im lookin for y'all... my parents call me the multi tasking queen and im like hell yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ya know??

~Black Decay

anybody want a killjoy mark????? i can fix that!

if you would like a killjoy mark please levee me your killjoy name and email and yes this is FREE! i would allow about an hour for creation and sending if you want one you will get an email from (me) with your mark attached to it thank you its a pleasure to make killjoy marks for you all! love you!

~Black Decay


im trying to make some props for the video and i am just confused and i only have cardboard and tape and paint... any ideas? cuz like me and my pals are gonna start shooting as soon as possible and so far we only have 2 props... and a few locations and im like well we dont even have all the names yet! so i cant start the script...wish me luck...

~Black Decay

heres a location for the video

its the carolina beach lake and its so pretty at sunset and thats where my mom does the famers market during summer and winter so i know the place well and i already have a seen in mind...

my suckish youtube page...

i just made an account on youtube and i have NO friends my username is BlackDecay1 if you want to be my friend it takes a while to find me... cuz i dont have a friend yet... so feel free to just do what ever... i will be working on a video and it will be on two diffident channels so yea... ill let you know when its done keep runnin!

~Black Decay