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parents need to learn how to levee me alone...

DEAR LORD THEY KNOW HOW TO BE ANNOYING! i was layin down cuz im sick and they barge in and my big bro pointed at me with a look of haterid and just stupupidness and the next thing you know i was yelled at for listing to my chem! stupid right!? and it gets worse i was suppost to be sleeping on but my mom woke me up so i could help them at the market and i dident go! not cool!!!

~Black Decay

life sucks

this is just great while i was listnin to skylines and turnstiles in dc in 07' i was at the 9\11 memorial wall and i was readin some of the names and my great grandmother was on there! i couldn't believe it then my parents tell me they were keeping it from me and my bro and sis! thats just wrong! i recently found out that she was on the very 1st plane that was hijacked and hit the towers! IM GLAD BINLADIN IS DEAD! cuz technically he KILLED my great grandma!

~Black Decay

mikey way gifs! XD

he is soooooo AWESOME! happy birthday mikey!

~Black Decay


well 10 years tomorrow where i am but anyways... 10 FUCKIN YEARS! WOOT THEY CAN KEEP GOING!!! also im listen to wgni and theres too much pop and country! ARG! they suck the last time they played somethin from mcr was when sing was really big! and i just requested na na and they havent played it yet! ARG THEY SUCK(wgni)

~Black Decay

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY (from mcrs killjoy as well)

HAPPY 31ST MIKEY! we all love you very much almost as much as Gerard loves you ;) I am very glad I got this account in time to celebrate your 31st birthday!

~ Black Decay and Psycho Bit

p.s mcrs killjoy couldn't get on her computer so she asked me to give mikey a big happy birthday from the both of us!


i just watched united 93 the movie and im like omg im glad they fought back! but now i live in the usa (if you dident get that from my username) and were under a terrorist alert! ARG! DONT THEY EVER LEARN! (and by the way A FAKE BOMB!) but like i guess listin to skylines and turnstiles when i found out was just odd ya know???? and im just scared to death almost like how scared i was when katrina hit new orlens!(i lived there for 5 years and one day of my life) and im trying to stay calm and show that a 7th grader can seam very calm in a situation like this! so im just bloging my feelings out!


*cough sneeze sniff* ugggggg im so sick i cant think! i shouldn't be on my computer but i am anyway! ha! i couldn't stay away from you guys! i got a letter from DUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its for the 7th grade talent search and im like "WHOA! ONLY TWO IN MY CLASS!" im thinkin "this isent happening to me of all people!" this is HUGE! any other 7th graders get one?

~Black Decay

weekly pay check

every week i get payed in CAKE! and these are some of the cakes my mom does i am very proud of her... we also do the Carolina beach farmers market its AWESOME! i love her for taking her business to the next level but were still working out of our home (i almost the m oops)...

~Black Decay


WOOT! i found out the band teacher at my school LOVES the saints like me! he was whering a Drew brease jersey! i showed him my saints bracelet and i got a high-five from him (YES!) and like at the pta meeting my dad was whering his saints tie and i was like "MR. TYSON COME HERE... please..." and he saw the tie and was like "YES!!!!" so cool right??? any other members of the who dat nation?????? the game is on right now! NOOOO BAD MOVE BREASE!

~Black Decay

SHARPIES!!!!!!*evil laugh*

i just got two new sharpies and there grey and red and mcrs killjoy is gonna be eyeing the grey one! XD she loves sharpies like me and she uses a LOT of grey in her art and im gonna be like just go to the school store they have them for a buck! and my dad gave me 5 bucks so i got a pencil notebook and two pens with the sharpies so im like this is better than walmart! XD

~Black Decay