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Can anyone help me with German?

I've been trying to learn German for a long time and I haven't gotten very far... I love the language and I would like to have it as my secondary language. Also I am hoping to learn most of it within 2 years (If possible). I listen to a lot of German music (Tokio Hotel [HELLZ YEAH]) and I can translate Durch Den Monsun by Tokio Hotel (In English the title is Through the Monsoon or just Monsoon for the English version they released). Anyone willing to help? Please? I don't know any other language and I love German so much!

No one is gonna touch my guitar except me!

My brother is 21 and can afford a nice guitar while I cant and my sister gave me her Ibanez acoustic guitar for my birthday just a little delayed and now my brother is trying to get me out of it! I need it for my band cuz were doing some acoustic stuff! Not to mention I just got this thing and hes already trying to take it! If I come home from the movies tomorrow and its gone I will call his ass and shout "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GUITAR!?" Ibanez is the best in my opinion and my fingers are too big for my old first act. He wont be touching this thing ever!

~Black Decay

OH god... This is not cool! (Ps CONGRATS GEE!)

The girl I have a crush on is so obsessed with her boyfriend!

Nerf War... I need some good tactics

Well I am going to be hosting a nerf war soon and I need some good guns and tactics... There will be teams of five and we have bases (a trampoline with a net and a garage). We have positions like sniper, defense, stealth, ect. I am my team leader and I am going to be under defense. Also I need to know a good place to go for cheap guns, darts, ect.....

~Black Decay


Well I got my new phone yesterday which is good... I'm home alone (SHOCKER) so I'm working on my music... Getting bored again... Also a quick question... Anyone out there like Shiny Toy Guns? I really like them well... Mainly the parts Carah Faye is in because the other singer they had in it (Sisely Treasure) really changed the music but the new single has Carah Faye in it and I LOVE IT! There are a few songs I like with Sisely in it but ehh I prefer Carah over Sisely... Also I want to know what you guys think about the chords for guitar I'm working on for my band... It goes:
C, D7, A7, E, G,

I am a sick person

I'm sitting here watching Resident Evil and laughing at a cop that's getting his face eaten off by a zombie... I LOVE THIS MOVIE! To me it's a comedy :P

~Black Decay

I did it! :D

I finally screamed! :D It didn't hurt at all too! I feel so awesome but I can only scream when I'm home alone... Oh well I am every day do I can work on it :)

~Black Decay

Back to February!

Well on February 18th (I think) I went with my friends to see Les Miserables 25th anniversary touring in Raleigh North Carolina. In the 3rd picture my friend decided to shove her lunch box in my face so I tried to knock it out of her hands but it really didn't work out at planned... I know this was 6 months ago but I just found the pictures so yep! I'm the one with short hair and a black jacket. I had a blast on the way, during, and coming back! Anyone that has seen Les Mis knows how life changing it is. Also I heard that they are making a movie for it! Can't wait to see it! :D

~Black Decay

my mother forced me into shorts... I dont like shorts especially that i have a 3 inch long cut on the back of my leg....

~Black Decay

Drawings anyone?

Anybody want me to draw a pic of yourself? I'm really bored... I'll even color it! In sharpie! Outlined and everything! Please I need something to do... If you do just send me a pic of you and I'll try and get it done asap! I've done pics of James Cheal, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro, Bill Kaulitz, Jayy Von Monroe, my band mates, ect. Please I need something to do! I mean really who wouldn't want me do draw a pic of them! Okay I can think of a few but you can see my new realistic style! :D PLEASE!

~Black Decay