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Looking over my shoulder day in day out

All factors of my resent dissaperences...
I want it to end once and for all...
Those whom keep me alive know who they are... And what they are doing to help
From finance to every day advise... Each and every person who kept me going during a hurricane... Tornadoes... Life... Through it all... I won't forget when I go to sleep... That people care about me so much...
I love them and I love those whom have helped me before the ban and again they know who they are...

Another night passes with the everlasting light of love and

IPods rock

Hola amigos! Long time no see huh? I miss you guys and on my iPod I can blog!!!bi really gotta listen to the hallwAy cuz suppost to be grounded from my iPod so shushhie!! I'll be getting my iPod back soon and my trip to se les miserables is on the 18th of THIS month!!! And if you've seen it no spoilers!!!!!!

still holdin on...

from my band to my schooling... life is tough half of the members moved and one is no longer going to my school... our manager is being a total control freak... and so are my parents... there so incredibly controlling i dont know how im gonna hold on if i dident have great friends and they know who they are... no need too name them... but on a lighter note the main guy that was tormenting me has been... EXPELLED! HALIJULA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES GONE!!!!!!!!!!! and im on crew once more this time for the spring musical of Alice in Wonderland Jr.

T_T nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

bad news fellas i might not get my stuff back till next year... this is just another load of crap in my life... but i am not afraid to keep on livin for you all... and have any of you guys heard of 5 finger death punch or the matches? i love them... there helpin me get through this cuz im cut off from my chem. but some of my pals are hookin me up too so thats a good thing... im trying to load up on this stuff before i break... and
Dear Death Trapp,
you might not get this but i hope you do... thank you so much for helping me out it really means a lot.

"Can you hear me cry out too you?"

ok update i am working on getting my computer back and right now im doing some stuff for school! I MISS YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! im just dieing to talk to you all! i miss you i love you i will always be with you! no matter what other people think i will always be by your side im holding up but i might break soon im finding sertian outlets to talk to you all! i miss you i love you forever!

~Black Decay

call me the phoneaholic!

i got a dummy phone to put in my locker incase someone breaks in they wonk get my real phone! its an old alltel from 05! old right? and the funny thing is it wont be activated by any phone company by any company! XD so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i have a plan to keep my laptop... message me if you wanna know!

~Black Decay

*sneak sneak sneak sneak*

ive been sneaking on the sight when ever i can so it might be a while between my posts so yea... im loading up on mcr as you read this and also i am tryin to stay strong so yea... im going to literly tourture my family till someone gives up the password to my laptop and im going to be in new orlens from november 9th- november 13th cuz i have my opening night for "Pom Pom Zombies" at my school on november 14th ALL BLACK HERE I COME! im working on crew incase you dident know but i would love to know if any of you guys live in new orlens so we could meet up some where!

i shall miss you forever

i shall miss you each and every one of you... just because i cant really talk to you guys dosent mean i dont love you and you and you and even you... keep running my friends *hugs all* i shall miss you... no matter what happens some of my friends have accounts on here so you guys will be updated (right death trapp??)

~Black Decay
(for now...)

on a lighter note!

me and my friends are working on a band if you remember 3rd degree burns... well we just need some drums and a few mics and a couple stands! YAYNESS! and were gonna clean out my garage to practice WOO HOO! im so happy i got a better singer and another singer! so we now have someone that can scream! i kinda can but it will be hard to cuz im on drums... but the old singer back when we where the randoms (NOT MY IDEA!) she SUCKED! and she dident fit in at all! and this video is a cut seen from a diffrent school that did this same musical as mine but mine is gonna be showing soon!

sorry.... for my disaparence!

its me Black Decay i havent been able to talk for a while because of my stupid parents.... but anyways im here for a while and i love you all with all my heart... i will never forget you and i have a few new recrutes(how ever you spell that) but anyways im so depressed cuz i have been in killjoy denile and its hard for me to get my black cloths but my dear friend Death Trapp has gotten in touch with me so if she ever says something about my "ban from mcr" i want you to know that i will never ever EVER give in... im under servalince so i must go for now

~Black Decay