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Stereotypes kill

I am tired of getting called goth and emo! Just because I am em dose not mean I need a label! Sure I'm blonde but I am smart for crying out loud!!! I'm the only one in my class that got a letter from Duke I'd like for them to call me stupid now! Hater need to rethink because I bet that people they tease are smarter, more talented, nicer, and even more caring then there selfs! Anyone that agrees comment signe and reblog this! Hater gotta stop!

1.Black Decay

Talent show

Thats right! I auditioned for the Murray falcons talent show! Today I find out if I get in or not. I played blood on piano but I'm used to a keyboard but I had too use a real piano! But I tired my hardest and I think I did well for sOmeone that has not had piano lessons from anyone!!!! I'll blog again when I find out! So excited!!!!!

Nora virus

Here has been a huge outbreak in new Hanover (aka here!) county of Nora virus. I had it when I was 10 months old and I fear of getting it again and my stomach hurts like hell so I told my parents and now I'm home. I hope I don't get it again

She sells sea shells by the sea shore

Any ideS on what to with5.5 lbs of sells? I need something unique something never done bbefore to sell to the public and i migt be anle to do each idea i wouldbbe greatful for anyhelp my bNd would also lik to thank anyone who hwlps because this will be going to my drumset and then we ca get to work... The singer would like for me to thank all whom helped woth our name problem and so would i we have written down names thay you have sugested ang are choseig soon i will blog about the name change once we chose!!! Thanks for all your help and support

"I like arts and crafts"

I still have to steal some black glitter from my sisterr to finish my rose. Right now the peadles are drying on to the stem. The 1st ordiment is drying and i will be painntinng the rest today. ill try to post pictures asaP

Rainy day art

Due too severe weather i have had inspiration.... A lot of it... Ive compleated 2 projects and drawn 3 pictures in the past 5 hours!!!!! No wonder why the best stuff from my fan fictions is from hurricane irene!

Recycleing project

New project!!! My bf gve me a chocolate rose for valentines day and i had an idea cuz i still have the plastic stem i cam take red paper and black glitter and makevit a resycled rose for our anniversery on march 16th i think hes gonna love it!!!

Painting ordiments

I have 3 ordiments to be painted and hopefully sold these are going to be plaid once im done it really takes a steady hand. The painting is so different on a curved surface im used tp canvas pannels or acryllic paper... But a good challenge is fun!

Les Miserables

Was awesome!!!!! Best part of my week other then finding out that a dear friend of mine is comming for a visit in june!!!! Yay!

"Heaven Help Us Now!"

Life is just a roller coaster and I just had a peak and a rapid drop... Just message me for the details...

~Black Decay