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frank dancing:
gee dancing:
mikey dancing:

nothing for ray though and this is NOT my account my account is blackdecay1 if you wanna be friends

~Black Decay

my birthday party troubles

what to do... my parents are taking over my birthday again... i wanted an emo style party this year and just like the past years there taking over again! last year i wanted a sonic the hedgehog party and ended up with Pokemon the year before that i wanted Pokemon and ended up with dogs! how dose this work you might ask i have no idea! in January we decided on a "rock star" theme which im fine with but now my parents want me to have an angry birds party cuz they found this pic on (i love that site!) any ideas on how to change my party?

aviary is awesome!

anyone else heard of it? i use it almost every day! i heard about it in my keyboarding class on our "internet friday" so yep! its a lot of fun i encourage you guys to check it out heres some things ive done

also my annivesery with my boyfriend was yesterday and we went home with eachother and we had a blast! id say longest middle school relationship at murray middle (my school) and its the over all longest relationship ive had with a guy <3

in a funny note just a min ago my phone vibrated under my leg on the couch and it shook the whole

to all my sickos <3

cuz when it feels like a kick in the teeth i can take it! this is my fav. song by papa roach it has given my a nightmare, poem, and now a book and i will type it up when im done and put it in a blog for you guys! BTW HAPPY ST. PATTYS DAY! my computers not letting me upload a pic of my new hair cut which kinda sucks... but ill try and get it up soon! promise! and i can get on my computer again! :D but i have to get my grades up before its fully mine again so yea...but atleast im able to share with you a good song in my opinion!

~Black Decay

Flu no more! And band update

I'm all better! Other than some occasional nose bleeds I'm fine!

New drummer that's right I got replaced... More like... Upgraded! Now I'm the keyboard artist and hav already worked on some music

We are starting with covers!!! Any requests? If so just comment with the sOng name and the artist Nd yes we do plan on some MCR and some nightmare before Christmas stuff aswell!


Thesis my first time wot the flu and last night my fever was 104.7... Right now it's 101.4 any tips?


I love bladeing! I always have! Eeven though it's nerdy I am a nerd and I'm proud! I have collected beys for a long time all the way from the orriginol series! And I'll be holding my own tournament on Halloween and call it the galaxy tournament. Any other bladers out there? Ive got some trick of the trade for ya!

N a brighter note

I got in to the Murray Falconstalebt show! I auditioned with blood on piano only I'm tires so I'm gonna crash soon I'm gonna record the show and it's soon!


My boyfriend has autism and people arbpickin on him because he can't really control his actions at times. Now he's getting beat up for it and I just wanna sstrangle whom is stooping that low and hurting someone that is reLly sweet and loving if you get to know him like I have o er that past 7 year. Anon else have autism? Ivanhoe enjoy learning more about I so I know what to say so yeah...

Ps th horrible apellin and grammar is because I have dyslexia just let ya know

No!!! I Need a frickin band name!

We were gonna be near death experience but noooo there's already a band named that! Any other ideas! Were running outta time!