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A friday at magiquest

if you are a total wizard nerd like i am you will LOVE magiquest. I took a journey to magiquest two years ago for my friends birthday and now im finally going back! It took me two years to convince my parents to go back. the silver wand is the choice i made two years ago and the crown topper is the topper i chose but its broken so i will be getting the skull topper on friday. also i am on the portal passage rune and its pretty tough. i will be in the myrtle beach location. anyone else going?

I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HA!! the Rockstar party is on! i can finally get some stuff for my band! :D and maybe some albums ;D i cant wait!

less spam! its a merical! yet i still miss my dear dear Death Trapp...

She is like the best-est friend on the planet! And I just thought I would kind of let you guys know that you are lucky to be her friend I know I am. This song is one of the songs that reminds me of her. Probably because were far away from each other. and like it says "I can't wait to meet you there." and I can not wait to see her again. This may seem strange but sometimes I even dream about the next time i see the one person that helped me through out a fucking hurricane and every day stuff. Heck I'd even say that she's family and you should accept her as I have.

Just sayin...

~Black Decay

Just One Bite Hoodie Design

this one would be for me and i would change the images to fit the other band members. I will be ordering each one in June with my 43 bucks i get from my grandmother. We might be making tee shirts as well... but this is just an idea.

"I'm Painting the Canvas RED!"

i wish it was roses but there is one but i have been painting all night and its 10:50 pm here so ive been in to it and its so cool! i have the killjoys symbols (even though my Kobra sucks) i also put the logo and all sorts of stuff! but theres this little space under where i put "KILLJOYS UNITE" and idk what to put there! luckily i have till the first week of june to finish this thing and i have black paint on my middle finger! i better clean up before i pass out and wake up with red paint all over my face...

its my killjoys real beginning (those are both me)

The Beginning

June 4th 2012
"Happy Birthday to YOU!!!" I hear in the high pitched noise of 10-15 year olds. Yes I'm finally 13 I'm hyped for my first Monster energy drink and my first ever ray-gun. But I'm getting ahead of myself the names Decay -Black Decay- Sargent of Zone 21 and adoptive daughter of Death Trapp. Amazing how I can be Sargent of Zone 21 and not have my own gun but it's a tradition... In Zones 6-21 when you turn 13 you get your first ever real ray-gun. I had to jack Death Trapp's when she was asleep to start cleaning the Zones.

Failing grade??? NO LONGER!

a few things to say here i was failing math but now im passing with a d- so disappointing... but that means...... *DRUM ROLL* I HAVE MY COMPUTER BACK AFTER SPRING BREAK!! also i used these pictures to teach me how to read music! sooo if your having trouble with it here ya go! also i recommend drawing it so you remember it. the first is treble the second is bass so good luck! also i am learning Famous Last Words on piano for my friend. Apparently its one of her favorite songs and i was already learning it so it works out great! just gotta build up speed in my left hand. so yep!

LOOK ME UP!!!!!!


all original! what now!!

~Black Decay


as my friend said yesterday when i said "What would happen if Ray was forced to cut off his fro?" she said "He would probably scream 'MY FRO BROS! THEY ARE GONE!' or something like that. My dear friends are so crazy and that one isnt even a killjoy!

Yami Hicaru (aka me)

just gonna say it now! Yami Hicaru is NOT my real name! it is simply the name of my beyblade character! but i now have an account on
that is all

~Black Decay