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a Day in Raleigh!

I spent today in Raleigh NC with my parents and I was behind the gun! (as always) and me just being my goofy self :) I wish i got a video of it but my camera died... BUT i got 100 bucks worth of Burt's Bees products for a grand total of *DRUM ROLL* $20.20!!!! Happy me cuz i was in need of some lip balm ;)

~Black Decay

im just that awesome

…./ `—|||||||||||———————————_]
…/_==o ____________________|
…..),—-.(_(__) /
….// () ),———
../`——’ / …
./____ / …


~Black Decay

Kick In The Teeth (This is a REALISTIC fiction) this is what i did so far

Kick In The Teeth

A Stranger in Rescue

A sinister laugh is held above my head. I hear the words “I dare you to come closer! Prove to me that you’re brave enough to face me! I’ll rip your heart right out! Feeling the pulse in my palms!” I was beaten, bleeding, and too weak to even call for help. I never got away from it all. My own brother beating me so I could feel blood rushing in my veins. He then stands; towering over my body laying cold on the ground. Out of breath I whisper “You demon…” I reach for a black car in the street fifty meters away.


its my 1st autograph too! and i just took the pic so excuse the spongebob naruto and pokemon in the background!

Snackin on Poptarts at 4:30 in the afternoon yum....

I dident have breakfast or lunch so i was gettin peckish when my dad threw a pack of chocolate chunk poptarts at me so now im all like num num num... and my parents are asking me "Are you high or something?" i said "NO! I'm just hungry!" and my dog looks up with her sad eyes and i say "Theres no way in hell your gettin this!"

Mah Puppie Dawg

She fell asleep on my sisters folding X) her name is Misty she is 10 years old (70 in dog years) she is a lasha poo or a mini poodle i dont remember... we adopted her 3 days ago. she loves a toy i got her of a white dog that squeaks and its now on the floor in the living room with its side torn and a leg where Misty would pull during tug of war is stretched about an extra inch! the squeaker is broken too! but i have to give her up to my sis when she moves away *TEAR* she would fallow me down the hallway and i would turn around and say "Misty!


i missed the test day for the Duke scholership! DX


WHOO i got my laptop back! i had to take a 62 question test today and got report cards... but im not a failure!

sustain pedal search!!

before i ask we do not have a guitar center here! i wish we did!!!!!!!!!! i am searching for a sustain pedal for my keyboard because it is nessisary for my band. dose anyone know where i can find a good quality in store sustain pedal for under 20 bucks? my mom agreed to pay taxes but i really need this! any info is appreciated!

~Black Decay

100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, ect.

8 pounds in my left hand 12 n=in my right if you haven't guessed it im building up my arm strength! i showed my dad the results on my right arm and he backed away and said under his breath "Damn!" thats right my dads scared of my right arm but not my left... its dragging behind... and my sis gave me her door gym and i was doing that for about an hour today the other portions where breaking out the old dumbbells and running around the schools behind my house. i am so ready for this summer!