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he loves me :')

Life just got that little bit more worth living :)
Paramore were amazing!

We started a mosh pit, my head hurts from head banging and my friend fainted... EPICALLY AWESOME!

The only two people that could ever beat them are Avenged Sevenfold and the one and only, My Chemical Romance :)

Im happy.

I don't know why? I just am. Possibly because im going to Paramore in two days!

Im well and truly peed off. Mega.

I have a MCR bag and it got ripped on a nail sticking out of the stupid wall at school, but hey, i might be able to claim compensation! *parties*

I dont know what to do... PLEASE HELP ME?

I dont usually post 'boy troubles' on here, but this time, i am turning to the MCRmy. My My Best Friend Thinks This Boy Likes Me... Is She Right? I hope she is ;)

Okay, so he is one school year above me. He begged me not to go in when i had too, and i even asked for extra time. When i did leave, he said "love you" He said im a nice girl. He put 5 x's on the end of a text last night and offerred to buy me a ticket to the cinema (cos i cant pay. I went £40 over my fone bill.. oops) just so i could go. And he said that he would be bored, but he isn't because he is texting me.

I have to go to school today...

And if you could see how badly I failed my maths homework, you would understand...

Is anyone else going to see Paramore in sheffield on Thursday?

I AM! Jeebus, I can't WAAAAIIIT!

I Wish The Band Would Update Too

Why aren't they?

Im stuck in school...

And im bored as hell...