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Hmmm, i see. (Click to read all)

So after my recent shouting fit with the girl i told you about on one of my past blogs, people kind of lest me alone. I got called a goth today though..

So, please feel free to read on...

I was sat in graphics class, on my own because a: Both of my friends were off and b: Because i am not sitting with the chavs.

So some fat chav started laughing in my face. Then a teacher started laughing at me -_-

So i sed "Shut up" to the teacher, and stuck my finger up at the chav.

And the chav started barking in my best friends face earlier, so, very casually, as you do she turned and said "Its nice to

And a edit of Gee. Which is highly amusing.

Yes parents, I am aware you think i'm weird.

I drew stitches on my hand. Apparentley im "pathetic"

And they told everyone im a goth, and that im weird. They think i should be an undertaker, cos im "obsessed" with death.

Yeah, right. Just cos i laughed at ,mirrors does NOT make me a serial killer.
I think they just wish i was clever as my brother. Everyone LOVES my brother -_-

-_- So yes people. Im not a goth. Just so ya'll know.


So my best friends boyfriend sprained his foot and is on crutches. He also happens to be one of my best friends. Pooooor Dec.

I got called emo. Again.

Okay, here is the argument

Me: Um, what?
Kirsten: Emo
Me: Would you like to say that again?
Kirsten: EMO!
Me: Um, your just a bitch.


Kirsten: I only called you emo cos you drew stitches on your hand
Me: I don't care, im SICK TO DEATH of being called emo. People hand me compasses and mimmic cutting theirselves. Your just as bad. I get this crap from the chavs.
Kirsten: Well, you wouldnt have a go if it was a teacher?
Me: Um, sorry to pee on your bonfire, buut, ive had a go at teachers for this kinda shizz before
Kirsten: You wouldn't have a go if it was a popular kid

Today. Was. Awful.

So, I had four days off school, which was brilliant, but having to go back to that hell hole was bad enough. It got worse. You see, next meek i was supposed to be going to Belguim with school. But, oh no, apparentley there is too much snow and its unsafe. Well, sorry to pee on your bonfire, you stupid prat, but, it was safe enough for us to come to school wasnt it?

So im stood in the dinner hall, fuming. And the next thing i knew, some FAT MOFO had threw his sandwich at us. AND THEN! YES, THERE IS MORE!


So, im proud of it.. what do you think?

(PS: I just got called fat and ugly...)



My dad just ordered my tickets!

And my mom is coming with me. So i would like to say a grat big THANKYOU! to my mom and dad. My mom doesn't even like them, but she is gona take me. I need to finish my killjoy outfit and sort something out for my mom :) YAAAAY!

I have heard that Gee is drining again?

Is this true, please don't do this to yourself Gee.