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Haven't blogged in a while...

Hi again everyone! Hope you all had a nice christmas, and good luck for the new year. I guess its time to make some new years resolotions.... Or it would be if I did make new years resolotions. My only aim for the next year is not to die. If im alive, then I will just go with whatever happens.

I have the MCR concert next year, so next year should be the best year of my life! Plus, im going to America for the 4th time, going to Croatia with my friend, to a place in the south of England called cornwall and possible going to Belgium with school somethime in spring.

Im in such a good mood :L

Having the most haliarious convo with my friend about the size of my old maths teachers mole :L

And about how it moved :L

Its stupid. People complain when a band never changes. They complained about The Black Parade being emo. If every band in the world was like AC/DC or Guns 'n Roses, then people would complain because of the lack of originality.

As for the new album, I think that it is awesome! Whats the point in listing to a band if you arent prepared to for them to change. Things wont stay the same forever. People need to get the hell over that. People need to accept the fact that if they didn't change then

A: They would quite possibly be dead
B: There wouldn't BE a MCR
C: They would have fallen apart.


I giving my BF his present today :)

I bought him a Enter Shikari tee :)


Whats everyone getting. Hopefully, im getting:

Vintage cherry red SG
30wt amplifier
Black Parade Military jacket
My copy of Danger Days
A copy of "Women and Children Last" by the Murderdolls
MCR tee
Black Veil Brides CD

And you guys? xox


I know its not the paramore site, but i thought fans or Paramore in the MCRmy deserve to know too. Josh and Zac farro have left paramore :'(

Thats the official blog ^

Last of the cristmas shopping todaaay :)

Going with my Mom :)

Yaaay :P

Im tired.

Because i has too much caffine last night, didn't sleep. I has a cold too. I don't care what anyone says, im dying.


I am so bored.


Broke up from school today :)

Got 5 presents

I wore red skinnies and my MCR Tee :)

So much hate, so worth it ;)