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Okay, so there are some pictures. The first is of my design for my art project and the other is me with my Nightmare.

Anyway, before I bore you all with the pictures and long explinations, I will tell you about someone who I hate. He is a chav, therefor, i strongly dislike him. He slammed me into a wall and screamed emo in my face twice the other day, and I think im just about to snap with him. I he died, id turn up to his funeral in a sombrero with a Lee Evans box set and declare to the undertaker I love satan.

Nyway, feel free to comment on my art project design or the guitar :)

Sketch xox

I am doing my art project on Danger Days

So much hate, but worth it :)


The pink one is called Destroya and the other is called Nightmare :D

My SG is now the proud owner of a stand

Nightmare looks happy :3

I just wanted to share The Murderdolls with you all

Their new song. They aren't very well known. Slipknot's drummer (Joey Jordinson) plays guitar for them.

They are a hell load better than Slipknot.

Another year, Another Experience!

My new years resoloution is not to die.

Going lots of places this year. Have awesome mates. 2011 Looks bright =D

Family Friends coming over...

Family friends of which i had a massive argument with their chav of a daughter about a year ago and still feel unwelcome.

They think im "weird" and "gothic"

Ahh weeeelll. Some more people to weird out with my very dark sense of humour...

Or my very loud amplifier... *evil grin*



I hate Marylin Manson. HE INSULTED FRANK.

Yes, I am aware that this is a OLD video, but he insulted Frank. Frank is NOT to be messed with.

Frank would beat him all over. And then he would cry. Because his makeup had run.

Haven't blogged in a while...

Hi again everyone! Hope you all had a nice christmas, and good luck for the new year. I guess its time to make some new years resolotions.... Or it would be if I did make new years resolotions. My only aim for the next year is not to die. If im alive, then I will just go with whatever happens.

I have the MCR concert next year, so next year should be the best year of my life! Plus, im going to America for the 4th time, going to Croatia with my friend, to a place in the south of England called cornwall and possible going to Belgium with school somethime in spring.