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havent blogged ing aggggeeeeessss.

hey, so, im a little annoyed, i have been ditched for like someone that i hate. by my so called mate. and she is only using them. UUURRRGHHHH!

anyways, on the bright side im having my hair coloured ing 2 weeks. well, hilighted. dark purpley :DD *dances*

happy birthday to uuuuu

happy birthday mikey :) have a awesome day :Px


hello. long time no see :) i have so much to say!

firstly, im happy to be back on here, i checked it everyday. i was at school when i saw the update. i literally screamed in class, everyone thinks im mental now.

it all kicked off at school today! the air ambulance landed on the feild! the bbc camera crew and the lot. i was like HIIIIIII!!!!!! *waves* i think that was my first feeling of fame. :)

i have relized that no matter how hard i try to get on with everyone, their is always gona be some nasty cow who doesn't like me. and you know what? screw them. their loss.

i learnt to play teenagers

stolen. im such a criminal :)

Life Motto:who cares what people thinks? no one

Something you dislike: niche, chavs

Something most people don’t know about you: i have a very very messed up mind :)

What would you be doing if you weren't stuck in a job/school: being in a band. touring the world *laughs*

First Job: i havnt got one yet -.- school?

Favourite Movie:twilight

Best Advice Ever given and by who: who cares? cause a riot, scream at a chav and never let anyone take you alive

Can’t live without:water. if i dont have it, i might die

fridge usually contains: food

Greatest Fear: spiders

If I had one wish: that i could have

BORED! (no one cares, you might meed to click to read it all)

hi everyone. your proabaly getting sick of the sight of my blogs, but im so bored its untrue, so here i am.

this is my last official day of pure freedom. i was going to get the weekend off anyways, so tecnically, this is the last day. i actually want to go back, back to the superdoodling up my arms, throwing paper planes, and being in a class where my teacher just cant control us. oh the joys. there is also a down side. the chavs. you know, those kids who look like they are sucking a lemon. the kind with the dogs that look like they never get fed, so your face would do just fine.

stole this

.Q1) Who/what was your first love?
Q2) What is your favorite song?
err, kill all your friends

Q3) Do you ever cheat and use caps lock instead of shift when your capitalizing stuff?
all the time

Q4) What song describes your mind?
im not okay (i promise) astro zombies natural born killer, you see, im gorey.

Q5) What is your favorite animal?

Q6) What's your favorite color?
black, red, white

Q7) Is this taking longer than you thought it would?

Q8) Do you love vampires, but hate twilight?
vampires are awesome, and twilight is awesome

Q9) Who is your favorite MCR member?
gerard way :)

happy anniversary.

happy anniversary to gerard and lynz! did i spell anniversary right?

i stole this. badass ;)

A - Accent: english
B - Belly size: um, i duno, not big
C - Chore you hate: chores in general :)
D - Dream: to be in a band (for a living)
E - Essential make-up item: eyeliner.
F - Favourite memories: err, i duno?
G - Gold or silver: silver
H - Hometown: sheffield :/
I - Insomnia: ...whats that?
J - Job title: school?
K - Kids: no, im 13, and not a slag :).
L - Living arrangements:i live with my mom, dad and bro,
M - Musical taste: rock, meatl, heavy metal, screamo, deathcore
N - Number of pets you've had: have had? errm...8 altogether including the everlastin goldfishes
O - Overnight

omfg, school

i go back to school monday *sighs* we have to wear unifornm *sighs* but at least its black. back to been labeled, pushed around and shouted at. awesome. so im thinking. hmmmm. will i be able to get this website on the schools dinosoars they call computers.
i really want to see everyone though; my fellow soilders. but the chavs hate my living guts and i hate theirs, im not scared though. im never scared. (unless a spider enters the room)
so, what will this year hold for me? bullies? chavs? the new album?

is anyone else still mad at the daily mail?

cos i am