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is my killjoy costume good enough to send in for the competition?


i have rewound mtv about12336543783 times :)


my quote

Dear iceburg, I heard about global warming, karmas a bitch, yours sincerley, Titanic.

this guy is a freaking insparation to me.

"The future's bulletproof. It's as bright as hell. Its bold, colourful and its very very fast. We're free. And we sound like a band who are free- and to me, that is the sound of pure rock `n' roll" - Gerard Way



im the one in the white hoodie! my arm, converse and poster are now worth something and totally awesome. i think im going to faint...

part of a story i wrote when i was bored. its long. what do you think

I looked in the mirror and sighed at the girl staring back at me. I didn’t sigh because the girl was ugly or fat. I sighed because the girl was me. The girl who tried to kill herself just 3 short months ago. The girl who gets bullied to the point where she wanted to die. The girl who is known as the school’s suicidal psycho.
In a way, I sighed out of relief too. the girl looking back at me wasn’t ugly. Not the prettiest, but I had seen worse. She wasn’t at all fat. She has long black hair, that was teased, so it was quite big. Her eyes were outlined in jet black eyeliner and she was pale.

i reposted this, as a proud MCRmy soldier :)

This is for those who cried to The Ghost Of You.
For those who felt they could relate to I’m Not Okay.
For those who want to start a riot because of Teenagers.
For everyone who’s played ring around the ambulance
For everyone who now calls their Mom “Mama”
For everyone with dreams and hopeless hair
For everyone who has decided not to drink to support Gerard
For everyone who mourns the loss of Mikey’s glasses
For everyone who loves Diet Coke
For everyone who says “fuck” as much as possible
For everyone who proudly wears fingerless gloves
For everyone made by the sharpest things we say

i stole this.

.♂ ★ YOUR BOY SIDE ★ ♂

[x] you love hoodies
[x] you love jeans
[ ] dogs are better than cats
[x] it's hilarious when people get hurt and fall
[x] you've played with/against boys on a team
[ ] shopping is torture
[x] sad movies suck
[ ] you own an XBOX
[ ] you played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
[ ] at some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
[x] you owned a DS, PS2, or Sega
[ ] you used to be obsessed with Power Rangers
[ ] you watch sports on TV
[x] gory movies are cool
[ ] you used to go to your dad for advice
[ ] you have at least 1 trophy of a sport
[ ] You used to play

My Killjoy! (StaticSunshine)

Name: StaticSunshine

Age: 16

Height 5"7

Eyes: Blue

Colours: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Red and Black.

Clothes: Black and red biker style boots. Black and red knee length stripe socks. Pink pleated mini skirt. Green belt. Yellow tank top. Cropped denin jacket. Black and red striped armwarmer/ fingerless gloves.

Hair colour: Bright purple

Weapons: Ray gun, Tazer, Dagger.

Story: Her real name is Emilee Praill. She was born in the UK, but moved to america when she was 4. She was sent on a mission at 15, after she ran away from home.