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my best (boy) friend just asked me out

and i said no cause i dont wana loose him :/


okay. so its official. the trip to the schools learn about your carrer" lesson was a waste of time. COMPLETLEY! because i know what i want to do with my life. them telling me that i have a tiny chance of making it isnt ever going to kill my hope. im going to prove them WRONG!. i dont wana be a freakin ANIMAL WELFARE OFFICER like it said! i wana be doing what i am best at. MUSIC!

day 3.Have you ever seen MCR live? If so, describe the concert

No. i havent. I will be seeing them soon though. if they put any more dates on :)

i had to have a needle today... AT SCHOOL!

ugh. it was awful. my arm hurts. its the FOURTH ONE THIS YEAR! god, my school is like druggie wanabee school gone TOTALLY wrong. someone save me

Day 2: 2.How did you start listening to MCR?

I was watching kerrang, and the video for the black parade came on and i was like WOW! i had listened to them before, but that song really clicked for me, it made me relize who i wanted to be, what i wanted to do with my life, and that music really can make you a better person

day 1: 1.Why do you love MCR?

I love My Chemical Romance because they are AMAZING. They write really good songs, they are all so talented. I worship them....

the 30 day My chemical romance challenge :)

1.Why do you love MCR?
2.How did you start listening to MCR?
3.Have you ever seen MCR live? If so, describe the concert
4.Favourite song from I Brought You My Bullets.. and why?
5.Favourite song from Three Cheers.. and why?
6.Favourite song from The Black Parade and why?
7.Favourite scene from TBPID?
8.Favourite scene from Life on the Murder Scene?
9.Favourite picture of MCR
10.Favourite member of MCR?
11.Old MCR or new MCR?
12.Who would you choose to replace Bob Bryar?
13.Which song would you like MCR to make a music video for?
14.Favourite MCR music video?
15.How excited are you for MCR’s

My so called 'friends' said this about My Chemical Romance!

They said "My Chemical Gay-Boys" and "My Chemical Faggots" AND "Welcome To the Gay Parade"
My friend pulled me aside and said "ELLIE AND ME ARE OBSESSED" And then i told him who slagged them off that i hated him. And i would hurt him.

i stole this... mind?

Year you first listened to my chemical romance? i think it was 2007/2008?

Favourite my chemical romance memory? watching the black parade video, and knowing, that they were the best band i ever heard in my entire life.

Favourite my chemical romance song? thank you for the venom, our lady of sorrows or Na Na Na

Name something random that reminds you of my chemical romance? chemicals. romance. amazing music.

Mikeys glasses missed or glad they were dismissed? missed. a lot.

Favourite album? the cheers for sweet revenge

Have you seen my chemical romance live?nope :'(

If yes how many times? nup

my school speech. GRRAWR!

yes. i had to to a speaking task, so i did the vid for im not okay and my friend did helena. we got lodza hate, but hey who cares what the chavs think?