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CONVICTED:chapter 7

POV-Janelle- “I can walk guys really, I told you I just got a phone call and it scared me, I’m fine.” But the guys refused to put me down, Mikey carried me all the way, to my bunk. He laid me down and sat next to me. “come on Janelle, we know you’re not okay, just tell us what happened and they (Gerard and Frank) will let you go.” I sighed. I knew now there was no way out of it, I was going to HAVE to tell then what happened, weather I liked it or not. “T-the call was from my m-mom.” The look on Mikey’s face said loud and clear that he didn’t think it was a big deal. I roll over on my back.

CONVICTED:chapter 6

Okay guys, i hate to say it but, i am haveing Wrighters Block. soo plzz comment and tell me if you have any ideas for the story. get my brain working again because if not i dont know if there will be any more chapters. also in this story, its back when the Black Parade came out, yes i know Bandit wasnt around the but in the story she is, just cuz its knida said in the story and i dont want any confustion.
POV-Gerard- “Okay, I love you too, goodbye dear.” I hung up the phone.

CONVICTED: chapter 5

POV-Janelle-When I heard the judge hit is hammer on the desk, and call order, the jury re-entered the room. “what does the jury find the defendant?” the judge asked. One young women, about 25 stood, she smirked at me and said: “your honor, we the jury find the defendant……………… Guilty!” she pointed at me and began to laugh. As I looked around they all were laughing, like I was a clown in a circus. I began to get really dizzy and then everything went black……
POV-Frank - I was angry now, I know she didn’t do anything, Janelle was totally innocent. I didn’t understand why they didn’t see that.

CONVICTED: chapter 4

Convicted:chapter 4
POV-Mikey- I got out of the car before Bandit could shut her door. She began to walk away furiously, and I chased after her. “Bandit!” I yelled as she was about 20 yards away. Man, the girl can walk fast when she’s angry. When she heard me yelling her name she stopped dead in her tracks, and I ran to catch up with her. When I finally got to where she was, I was breathing hard, and well I was seeing funny colors, man I am really out of shape. “What, Mikey, are you going to yell at me too, or am I really nothing but a charity case to you guys?

CONVICTED: chapter 3

CONVITED:chapter 3
(3 weeks later)
POV-Janelle- life here was so boring. We all followed the same schedule every day. We would get woken up at 5:30am to eat breakfast, then rot in our cells, at 12:00pm we would shuffle back to eat lunch, then rot in our cells some more, and finally at &:00pm we would get dinner, and at 9:00pm we would go to sleep.

CONVICTED: chapter 2

CONVICTED: chapter 2

POV-Bandit- when I woke, I didn’t want to open my eyes, but when the images of my mother, laying in her casket began to replay in my head, my eyes shot open like a flying bullet. I had fallen asleep in my parent’s room, so as looked about I found that I was still there. I rolled over and also found my father lying next to me, he wasn’t asleep so when he seen I was awake he smiled and said: “Good morning Bandit” “Morning Dad. “ I glanced up at the clock on the wall, it read 7:50am.

CONVICTED: chapter 1

*quick note, i counldnt think of any names for the police, so iwent head and used some names from the show Criminal Minds, it will be just this once though. also i might post the second chapter tonight as weLL*
I was in the middle of my 71/2 hour cleaning spree, when there was a knock at the door. I opened it and seen FBI Agent Prentiss and Doctor Reid, standing in the doorway. “Are you Janelle Lee Presley?” asked Agent Prentiss.

What Do You Think

I have been thinking the past couple days, and i think i have made up a good idea for a fan-fiction. but i dont know if i should post chapters or not. my idea is this: the Janelle Lee Presely (main person) is convicted of the murder of Linz Way, she is put in jail until her tril one month later, while in jail she meets her cell mate, who is as consitered crazy, but Janelle dosent think so.

I Hate Time

Me and my mom are sitting in the liveing room today just listing to some old mix CD`s she made a while back,,we found some good songs we loved, we found songs that made us cry at the meaning and the meories, and we found those songs that made us laugh and the memories and meanings.,, we have been threw a lot sicmce that horriable september day when my father passed away,, but it was nice to stop listen to those amazing songs we love and sit and remember.. the funny thing was that on one of the mix CD`s she had made it began with mostly Country and Oldies but out of no where Teenagers starts