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CONVICTED:chapter 16 :-0

POV-Frank- “AAAHHHH, god I want out of this stupid place already!!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I knew all too well the room was sound proof, but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted out and I wanted out now. I looked over and Mikey was glaring at me…still. He has only been giving me the same death glare for the past half hour. “Frank calm down, well be out soon, hopefully and Mikey stop looking at Frank like that because its not getting us anywhere.” Bob ordered. It has been the first time, in a long time that Bob as ever uttered a word, for reasons he won’t tell us.


Merry Christmas Killjoy's!!!!!! i hope you all have a great Christmas, even if life is a living hell...:)

CONVICTED:chapter 15 :!D

Well, i do have most if not all of last chapter in here too because i screwed it up and then i went back and i fixed it. So hopfully it makes more since!!! Comments, are much apperiated!! thank you for reading this far!!!

POV-Bandit- I gave up on thinking and played with my phone. I turned down the volume almost all the way and went to my music library. I found my all-time favorite Flyleaf song, Cassie, and listen to it quietly.

CONVICTED: chapter 14 :D

POV-Bandit- I gave up on thinking an played with my phone. I turned down the volume almost all the way and went to my music library. I found my all-time favorite Flyleaf song, Cassie, and listen to it quietly. I listen to it over and over for a long time; I fought the need to sing along. No one heard me because I was as quiet as a ninja. Finally, I heard footsteps; I turned off my phone and pretended to be passed out. Whoever it was opened the door and picked me up. I wanted to open my eyes and punch them in the face, but I figured that wouldn’t be the best idea right now.

CONVICTED: chapter 13 :0

POV-Janelle- I sat with my head lying on Gerard’s shoulder. Lisa had already left, about an hour ago. It was about midnight and still no sign of Frank, Bob, Mikey, or Bandit. The police said we could stay at the station until the whole Ray mess was cleared up. I looked up at Gerard’s face, and he was asleep. As I laid on his shoulder, I began wondering why someone so sweet, caring, and all around good guy like Gerard would like a slutty whore like Lisa. Maybe it has something to do with Linz being gone. I heard my phone go off and about screamed until I realized what it was.

CONVICTED: chapter 12 :)

POV-Janelle- When we got to the police station Gerard made a call. I figured it was Lisa, and then it hit me. Bandit had asked my age because she was trying too…….set me up with Gerard to get rid of Lisa. As Gerard was questioned, Lisa came into the station. She sat with me and we talked, well she talked. After about 5minutes, I stopped listening and began to wonder what other tricks Bandit had up her sleeve.
POV- Bandit- remember when I said that I hated Lisa, well I really can’t stand her now. When I was finally able to stay awake, I pulled out my phone.

CONVICTED :chapter 11

POV-Janelle- I walked over to Gerard, he was staring at his phone, frozen like stone. When he seen I was next to him he blinked a few times and handed me his phone. I watched a video of Bandit being kidnapped in horror. Gerard asked me to go get some coffee, but when I went into the living area, everyone was gone, everyone but Ray. I screamed and almost fell over, but Gerard was right there within seconds. Right in there in the middle of the living area floor, was Ray’s body. He was stabbed 14 times. 14…Bandit was 14! There was something written in blood on the wall.

CONVICTED:chapter 10

”What’s going on guys?.” Janelle was the only one who answered, but it took her a minute. “Bandit s-s-she’s gone.” I could feel my mouth almost hit the floor. “She what!” I ran too her bunk and opened the curtain. All that was lying on the bed was my cell phone. So that’s where it went. The recording light was blinking red, so I flipped to the camera. It was recording; I opened the newest video file. Bandit wasn’t the brightest Crayola in the box, but she sure had a way of being very sneaky. I sat on her bed, and watched the video.


(At the Concert)
POV-Bandit (still) – the guys were already on stage, singing Welcome to the Black Parade. One of my favorites. Janelle had already preformed and went house hunting again with Shadow. Even though it was hard to see I looked over at the front row, and my mouth hit the ground. I pulled out dads phone, and looked at the picture of Lisa Marie again. Oh my goodness, Lisa was HERE! I looked at dad’s calendar, it was Saturday. Normally on Saturdays, we would all get together and play Call of Duty against each other, but so much for that, because, Lisa is here.

CONVICTED: chapter 8

POV-Janelle-“Who is this, Janelle?” Gerard asked. Oh boy, I’m so dead. “This is Shadow, she was my cell mate in prison, I mean jail.” He sighed, and I wasn’t sure if that was a good sign or not. I wasn’t really sure why exactly, but I really didn’t want to screw this thing up with Gerard. I think Bandit is just getting inside my head. Shadow stood, a said: “Okay, well are you going to help me or not?” I smiled, all joking matter intended. “Do I really have a choice?” I laughed to myself, and looked at Gerard, who was looking at me wide eyed and shocked.