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Convicted: Chapter 24 n_n

POV-Janelle- we were dressed back into our Killjoy costumes again, driving 90-to-nothing in the middle of the desert until finally we came across this abandoned old gas station. The guys all agreed this would be our hide out, but as they talked it over I sat in silence. They didn’t notice though, and honestly I didn’t care, I had other things to worry about. We all got out and before we even unpacked anything we took a look around. We decided to remove the shelves, and counter to make a small living area and kitchen.

The Missing Runaway part 3

Sorry there wasnt much today, and the fact that i only did one story, but its my litlle brothers birthday, he just turned 7! so i was busy trying to make the day really something for him!! :)

POV-Mikey- My alarm woke me up, but it was by surprise and I almost had a heart attack. I rolled over and looked at my calendar, and sadly it was Monday, which meant we had to go to school. Great, I thought sarcastically. I got up and still half asleep I made my way to Gerard’s room.

The Missing Runaway part 2

POV-Blair- Frank cleared his through and with a sigh said, “Umm, sorry to bother you, but you looked lonely. Can I and my friends join you?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing; I did my best not to choke on my own spit. “Yeah, sure you all can.” I said casually. Frank called for his friends, and as I looked around I noticed that every other table was totally full. No wonder they were sitting with a fan. Franks friends came over and sat in the booth seat across from me. They all squeezed into the same seat, even though there was a spot next to me, all I had to do was move my back pack.

Convicted: chapter 22 ^_^

POV-Frank- when Bandit was released from the hospital a few hours later, we all went straight to the bus. Bandit had told us everything that Mrs. Isabella had told her about Midnight being the weapon to destroying Poison. I didn’t say anything, but inside did believe what Bandit was saying. If Midnight every broke Poison’s heart, witch I’m not saying she will but if she ever did, then it would destroy Poison. Inside and out. When we got back to the bus Poison and Kobra wanted to go looking for Midnight.

The Missing Runaway part 1

The Missing Runaway

POV- Blair-I felt the sweat dripping slowly down my face as I ran like hell. I have been running forever it seems. Running, always running, never slowing to a walk, always sprinting through the New York City streets, continuously running till I ran out of breath. Like, well, now for instance. When I was sure I had lost whoever was chasing me, I leaned up against a street light pole, and glanced around to see where my feet had taken me. That’s when I came to a shocking reality, I was in Time Square. Of all places, my feet had to bring me here.

Convicted: Chapter 21 @_@

POV-Janelle- I woke up in a daze, not knowing what the hell just happened. i waited till the room stopped spinning, and my vision was clear before I sat up. As I looked about I seen I was lying on an all-white bed, which was pushed up against the wall. There was a small metal chair, like the ones that fold down but it was white, sitting in front of the white night stand next to the bed. The rest of the room was totally empty, and all white. I tried to re-trace what just happened, finally after I don’t know how long of just sitting there thinking I finally remembered.

CONVICTED: Chapter 20 0_0

Okay my fellow Killjoy's, i have dug up an older story that i wrote about The Fabulous Killjoy's when Danger Day's first came out. So if your ever in the mood to read something else of mine let me know and i'l post it. if you wanna know what its about message me....
POV-Gerard (still) - Janelle ran to Bob, she checked to se if he was breathing. When she looked up at us grinning like a re-tard I heard Gera- I mean Party Poison sigh in relief.

CONVICTED: Chapter 19 *_*

POV-Bandit- My whole life flashed before my eyes. What in the hell was happening to me. The more the memories of my life replayed in my head, the more I realized that I didn’t know these people. “Dad,” I heard myself say in on of the memories. A tall man about the age of 30 turned away from the coffee machine to look at me. Dad? I thought he wasn’t my father, wait what am I saying of course he is my father. The memory continued and before I could finish saying whatever I wanted to say the phone rang. The man who I had called dad, picked it up. “Hello?” he said.

CONVICTED: chapter 18 :?)

POV- Shadow- Madam Demetria, Lisa, and I waited in Demetrius office. We listened to Demetria as she went on and on about how amazingly easy it will be to destroy Gerard and Janelle once we have Frank, Mikey, and Bob on are side. I thought back to when we captured them, if only Ray hadn’t jumped in the way of me stabbing Bob. Bob was supposed to be the first sacrifice, the first warning for Gerard and Janelle to give themselves up. Gerard had to be destroyed Demetria had made that very clear, but Janelle was are weapon. She was the only thing that can destroy Gerard.

CONVICTED: chapter 17 :{)

POV-Mikey- “Better Living Industries?” Bob, Frank, and I said in unison. We had no idea what this lady was talking about but honestly we didn’t care, al we knew was we have been with Bandit since she was born, so how is this possible? Madam Demetria simply sat down on the opposite end across from Bob. The table was fairly long, it was a perfect distance away from the Crazy Woman. Frank and I exchanged looks, probably the most agreeing looks we have gave each other since we woke up in this Nut House.