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Convicted: Chapter 33 I_I

POV-Jessica- my thoughts scattered, my vision blurry, and all other feeling in my body numb. It was happening again and this time it was out of my control, I knew I couldn’t keep the secret much longer. I also knew I had failed Zekeal. I took a deep breath and squeezed my eyes shut tight. I calmed my nerves and did everything in my power to keep from blacking out. Frank was at my side the whole time, I felt something wet in my face and realized it was Frank’s tears. In a way, I wasn’t sure why, I felt like… like this was just something that was bringing Frank and I closer.

The Missing Runaway part 11

POV-Blair- I stood in the lobby of the mall, waiting on Frank, Mikey, Gerard, and Ray to walk through the doors and meet Hailey, Richard and I. I began chewing on my fingernails and watching the flashing lights in the video game store when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I whirled around and seen Mikey standing there. I smiled and suddenly felt bad about what I said to him. I opened my mouth to say something to him when Hailey come up and say, “So Blair who are your friends?” She smiled and I grabbed Frank’s arm. “Hailey I would like you to meet your date for this little occasions.

Convicted: Chapter 32 *_*

POV-Janelle- Gerard smiled kindly. Seeing his face brought more worry, anger, and sadness to me. I had nothing to say to him, but I guess he had a lot to say to me. he sat on the edge of my bed facing me as I sat where my pillows go. I clutched the pillow to me chest as I said, “So, are you glad to be home?” For a long moment he was silent but then he finally said, “Mikey told me everything about you. It’s kinda hard to believe you killed Linz.

Convicted:Chapter 31 #_#

POV-Janelle- the thought of knowing that Gerard doesn’t know I exist terrified me. I suppose it was because I was afraid of his reaction when he finds out that I do exist and have been living with his friends for a while now. Once we were out of the desert, we came to a shocking reality when we hit the big city. BL/ind had exposed themselves and was taking over the city. By the look of things, people were willingly going along with it. Frank was driving and I was in the passage seat, Mikey and Jessica were in the back.

Convicted: Chapter 30 (Geezzzzz)

POV-Janelle- “I know you like I know myself. You belong with me and no one else. I’ll wait for you in the moonlight, when the clock strikes twelve.
~Love Your Secret Admirer.”
I glanced up from the floor to Gerard, when he was finished. Fear flooded through me and I thought I saw I hint of jealousy in Gerard’s eyes. When Gerard looked up at me I looked away. I hadn’t realized I was shaking till Mikey put his arms around me, I felt something roll down my face and reached up, realizing it was tears. All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe, I needed air and I needed it now.

Convicted: Chapter 29 (Holy Crap!!!)

POV- Janelle- sleep didn’t come easy…in fact sleep didn’t come at all. I laid therefor a long while trying not to think about my escape plan, but I couldn’t help it. I thought about all kinds of things that could go wrong. I finally settle with knowing sleep wasn’t gonna come on its own. I slowly crawled out of bed, and tip-toed to Gerard’s room. I opened the door, being as quiet as I can. Gerard was sound asleep on his bed, the room was silent except the soft squeaking noise coming from the ceiling fan. I quietly crossed the room over to his bathroom, and opened the medicine cabinet.

The Missing Runaway part 10

POV-Blair-“Well… to be honest three months ago when you hadn’t shown up for school for about a week Mrs. Margret asked Hailey where you were and she told us all about the robbery and your parents then yesterday I asked Hailey how you were and she said you were in a foster home in New Jersey, so I got the address from her and here I am.” He smiled flakily. After I broke up with him we never spoke to each other, so this was a little strange. “Well Hailey’s gonna be her in about 30minutes. So unless you wanna go to the mall, movies, and iHop, I would go home.

Convicted: Chapter 28 ^_^

POV-Bandit- I couldn’t help but feel like something was off today. It was 3:45am and I haven’t slept since the day before I was captured, unless you count being knocked out. I don’t. I sat in bed, reading The Bar Code Tattoo, when I heard a noise. I had to investigate. I opened the door and seen Frank trying, once again, to make toast. I walked over and grabbed the toaster from him, before he pulled a Mikey and stuck a fork in it. I turned the little knob and it popped right on out, golden brown. He smiled. “You’re a Genius.” He declared.

The Missing Runaway part 9 0_o

POV-Hailey- I hit the red button on my phone, ending the call. This has been my millionth call to Blair, what isn’t she picking up? We have been best friends since 1st grade, then after the robbery she stopped talking to me. But I was on a mission, I was going to keep bugging her till she returns or answers my calls and then give me reasons why she isn’t talking to me. I punched in Blair’s number one last time into my iPhone and put it to my ear. “Hello?” her sad voice answered, I could tell she’s been crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

Convicted: chapter 27 8_8

POV-Janelle- I quickly wiped the tears away not wanting to show any signs that I was crying, because wants the guys found out I was crying then it was like a 24hour game of 20 questions. “M-mom,” I managed to choke out. There was another small silence then she said, “Janelle darling? Is that you?” The only thing that was going through my mind at that moment was; what the hell was wrong with her? “Yes mom it’s me Janelle, I just thought I’d call to see how you were.” I lied. I knew that wasn’t the real reason id called her, the real reason was to make sure BL/ind hadn’t gotten to them yet.