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Convited: chapter 38

POV-Mikey- Gerard began to fall; I barely caught him before he hit the ground. “Kat!” I screamed. She ran in, grabbing Gerard’s feet and helped me carry him over and set him on the bed. Then we both ran out and rushed over to where Frank was holding Jessica. “Jess?” Kat asked. Jessica was in Frank’s lap, her face buried in Frank’s shoulder. Frank was rubbing her back, whispering in her ear. I open my mouth to say something, but Frank gave me a warning look. Kat keeled down in front of Frank and Jess, she grabbed Jess’s hand, stroking her thumb across it Jess’s hand.

The Missing Runaway part 14

Pov-Blair- I sat in my hospital room, alone. Hailey, MCR, and Richard all left. The nurse was checking up on me never so often, so I was never physically alone for long, but on the inside I was alone now more than ever. The phone next to my bed rang, I smiled. I picked it up without hesitation. Already knowing who it was.
“It’s Mikey. How ya doing?”
“I’m fine, but Mikey?”
“You just left like 3 hours ago, why are you calling now?”
“Well, the doctor said that you might go into a depressed state, as an effect of the tumor surge, so I thought to call you every eating time to

Convicted chapter 37

(The next Morning)
POV- Gerard- I had not spoken to Frank since last night. After he insulted Janelle we got into a big fight. I know deep down he was still my best friend, but I couldn’t figure out why he freaked out on us last night. Mikey had told me everything that Demetria had told them, and she did make it seem like everything was Janelle’s fault. I sat up in bed, reminding myself that Frank was still freaked about Jessica and that’s why he said what he said. It wasn’t even noon yet and I was awake, weird.

I think in becoming depressed.....again!!!

February 17, 2012 my beloved cosin Michael died in a horribale car crash. I miss him tons, and i am beginning to get those hallowed out feelings again. I keep asking myself 'Why him...Why not me.' Since his passing i have had thoughts of suicide, and awful memories of what happeden to my family when my father passed away keep replying and make the suicide thoughts worse! Sometimes i think the world would be better off without me. Then i think about my few friends and family and shake those thoughts away....for awhile but they keep coming back. Someone help...plz!

The Missing Runaway part 13

POV- Mikey- i read the clock on the wall for about the millionth time in the last minute. All i could think about was weather or not Blair was okay. It was half passed 10pm. We have been sitting in the waiting room since about 5:30pm. Gerard was asleep on my shoulder, Haliey was curled up next to Frank who was next to Gerard, and Ray was asleep in the chair next to the couch we were sitting on. Richard had wondered off to find the doctor. i was glad it was Friday, becasue i had a feeling we were gonna be here a while.

Convicted: Chapter 36

POV-Janelle- we were all sitting around the camp fire we had made outback, Renily Night and Venom Viper had agreed to stay and become offical Killjoy's. I was happy for them. Frank and Mikey had begun telling us what happened with Jessica at the hospital. She was back home, but the doctor said she had to be on bed rest, a nurse comes by every day to check up on her. They claimed it was a small sezier, but i bet Frank was still a little shook up over it, i think he likes Jess...A lot. Just like i think that Mikey and Reinly have a thing for eachother, even though they just met.

Concerning my fan-fictions Convicted and The Missing Runaway....

Well guys, my computer is kinds old and isn't working well at the moment. my Microsoft Word crashed and my Internet is down. I'm able to do very little on my Kindle so it might be a little while till I can post more. BUT I promise once my technical difficultys are fixed I will post more! so hang in there all you cliffhangrr haters you'll find out what happens soon hopefully!!!~ Thank you for reading. ~Shattered Dreamer

Convicted: Chapter 35 &_&

POV-Gerard- “Tell you later,” was my response to his question at the moment. I chuckled to myself when Frank asked me that question. It felt good to be back, and I knew Frank would flip at my answer. “Come on Gerard. You gotta tell me…Please!” I sighed, then there was a knock at the door. I began to get up to go get it, but then Janelle jumped over me and yelled, “I GOT IT!!!” I sat back down, laughing really hard. I couldn’t wait to tell Mikey and Frank what was going on between Janelle and I.

Convicted: Chapter 34 T_T

Yeah, i know its really short, i promise the next chapter will be longer!!

POV- Mikey- I called the entire Killjoy team into the living room. Jessica was rushed off in the ambulance about 30 minutes ago. I told them all to sit down, just because the news I was about to give might knock them off their feet anyhow. I swallowed hard, Janelle got up off Gerard’s lap and hugged me tight, I hugged back and when we pulled apart she gave me a huge smile. She stood there by me never returning to Gerard, but he didn’t seem to mind.

The Missing Runaway part 12

POV- Hailey- I screamed. I didn’t know what was wrong with Blair, but maybe one of the guys did. I heard echoing footsteps enter the bathroom, normally I would beat up ant guy who tried to enter the girl’s room but this was a special case. Frank peeked around the corner, and his smile turned up-side-down. He seen I was crying. “Blair’s been poisoned!” I shouted. I didn’t know that for a fact, but given the symptoms it was a reasonable guess. The smell of Blair’s vomit entered my nose and made me walk over to the doorway. I hollered for the rest of the guys to come over.