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Convicted chapter 43

POV-Janelle- Demetria scolded Logan about letting Bandit live during rescue escape. She told him that if Bandit (A.K.A Zoey) was willing to leave him, then she didn’t love him. Brainwash, is what I call it. I made a vow that I wouldn’t let that happen to me. I still want to remember everything that I’ve done, all the pain I’ve caused people. Especially Gerard, he was the main reason brainwash was not an option. Demetrius’s voice lowered, I could no longer hear her. Within a few minutes, she returned back into the office with Logan. She looked at me with her glimmering eyes of evil.

Dear Readers.....

Hey Guys!! Sorry i haven't posted in a while!! I went on Vacation the day after Gee's Birthday, and didn't take my computer. i WILL be posting something in the near future. Promise. Both Fiction's shall continue, but i just got back, so i haven't had the time. My mind has been reeling with new idea's, so i hope your ready for a twist! Thanks for being so patient with me for the past week. ~Dreamer.

Gerard.....Happy 35th :)

As we all know...the wonderful Gerard Arther Way is now 35. Wow. Happy Birthday Gerard!! Hard to believe that my hero is now turning 35, it seems like just yesterday he was only 20-something. He looks that way, at least.

Concerning my fan-fic The Missing Runaway!

Well, my fan-fic The Missing Runaway could possibly be stopped! I don't mind writing it, along with Convicted, but i won't if no one reads it. I really won't waste my time. So if you want to read it I'm thinking about posting part 16 within the day or two. And if you read Convicted, or have read parts of The Missing Runaway, let me know if i should keep going. Remember, i post stories for the fans who read them. If you want to know what it is about, well, message me, and I'll tell you. or you can read up to part 15. So let me know, fellow Killjoy's!

Convicted chapter 42

POV-Bandit- I sat still, in front of my door, crying. Then, a knock at the door, for about 10th time.
“Bandit, honey please let me in,” my father’s voice begged. Same thing he’s been doing since I heard them talking (More of yelling).
I sniffled, figuring it was time to let my father in, after all it wasn’t his fault that Mikey was a….never mind. I opened the door, just a enough to peel my head through.
“Yes Father?” I asked, with a failing smile.
“Can we talk?”
“I suppose,” I let my father into my room.
I sat on the bed, after shutting the door, and he sat next to my.

Tell Me What I SHould DO!

Hey All You Killjoy's! I Am needing some help....again. But this time it isn't for me, its for a girl that rides my bus. shes a year younger than me, and she has a hard life. her mom, makes her do everything around the house, which includes taking care of her three younger brothers. three kids i know on my bus have talked her out of suicide, multiple times. i myself have done it once or twice. i have showed her MCR (Of course) and a few other bands, but she just doesn't have the time, plus she really isn't into this kinds of music. which ain't a big deal. but now i don't know how to help her.

Convicted chapter 41

POV-Bandit (still) - after I heard what Janelle had written, I stepped out of the hall and into the living room. Tears threatened my eyes, I let them. I stood completely still, waiting for someone to explain what happened to Janelle. And why that note was written. My glare suddenly was on Frank. Then I remembered what he said to her last night…
“Gerard come on, you're dating the enemy! Before we found out that it wasn’t really you that was there the whole time, Bob, Mikey, and I were taken by BL/ind you should have heard some of the things they said about 'sweet and innocent Janelle.'”

Convited: Chapter 40

Whoa!!! I would like to say a huge thank you to all my fans for making me keep the stories going for so long! The have been so fun to write, i hope you all enjoy them! Comments are much loved! :)
POV-Janelle- “Who are…Demetria!” I shouted into the blackness of the night. Why? Was the only thing that came to mind. It was because of this woman that Frank doesn’t like me, it’s because of Demetria that…that my whole world was DESTORIED! I suddenly found an urgent rage, so strong I had to hit something. Demetria only smirked.

“I see

The Missing Runaway part 15

POV-Blair- Mikey ran through my hospital door, waking me with an almost-heart-attack. He looked as if he had just run a marathon. Being awoken the way I was I wasn’t a happy camper, so I gave Mikey my best why-the-hell-did-you-wake-me-up look that I could manage. He shut the door with an accidental slam, and plopped into the chain next to my bedside. Then after taking a good 15 minutes to catch his breath, he smiled at me like we were the best of friends. Weirdo. I went to grab the phone, fully determined on calling Gerard, but Mikey grabbed my hand.
“Please don’t call my brother!

Convited: chapter 39 %_%

POV-Janelle- I made it to the highway before night fall, at sunset I began looking for a good place to camp. When I left I decided to go simply on foot, because if I took the car it would leave the guys stranded and that wouldn’t be good. I didn’t pack any food, but a box a Fiber One bars and two bottles of water. I didn’t know where I was going to go, but I needed to come up with a place before I reached the city tomorrow. So as I ate my Fiber bar and drank the first bottle of water, while savoring all I could I began to think.