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Convicted: Chapter 48 ^_^

POV-Mikey- I was shocked. Kat was a solider, I was never expecting for her to go out like this. I glanced over at Janelle who had her mouth dropped open. I wanted to laugh, but it didn’t seem like the right time. So I reached over and tapped her chin. She shook her head, like she was coming out of a trance, and closed her mouth.

POV-Janelle- “I think it’s best if you all come say your goodbye. We’re going to bury her and shoot some bullets in the air in her honor.” Jess said. Ghoul led the way, while Kobra followed closely behind.

Convicted: Chapter 47 #_#

POV-Gerard (hehe )- I was stunned, I didn’t know what else to do but stand there. I thought…well I didn’t think, I was to stunned to think. Then there was a knock, and Bandit opened the door, I had nothing to say.

“Dad, are you okay?” she reached up and brushed my face with her thumb, she was wiping away tears, even though I had no idea I was crying. I guess Bandit must have read the look on my face because she ran out across the room and crawled out the window herself, screaming at Janelle to stop. I slowly walked out the door,

POV-Bandit- I wasn’t letting her get away again.

To any of my fic reader!

Hey reader's. I'm SO sorry there hasn't been any posted on Convicted in a while. Swear to you all i am planning on posting. I have been on a trip, and working, and way to busy that i haven't had any writing time at all. I do however plan on posting n the next day or two. It's just crazy timing because I'm trying to raise money for things, and working around the house and such, and on top of it all my mother is dragging m everywhere trying to 'prepare me for High School'. So again there will be more story, just a little time is all i need.


Dear Ray,
Happy 35th Birthday. You've come a long way in such a short amount of time. And no matter what you will always have the love of your fans.
Sincerely, Dreamer.

Convicted: Chapter 46 @_@

Hey Killjoy's! if you want to continue reading this fic, please comment at the bottom so i know to send you a message when i post next. i am going to clean out my message box, ao you would be doin me a hug favor! ~Dreamer
POV-Janelle- I awoke in a cloud of smoke, dust burning my eyes, it hit me that I was no longer in BL/ind, but was in Gerard’s arms. He was cradle caring me; his face was covered in soot, his brilliant red hair now with spots of motor oil and grease, his emerald eye dim with several bags under them.

I'm Discontinuing The Missing Runaway...:(

Yes Killjoy's, the title is correct. I am discontinuing my fic The Missing Runaway. I'm sorry, i know its sad knew. But never fear! i always have a knew idea. i have to stories that i am currently writing. On is not a fan fic, and the other one is kinda, but not really. i'm not sure what to title either of them yet, but if your interested in reading them, than please comment or message me, also if you were reading my fic Convicted, it will continue, i had a small case of writers block. Luckily that passed and now i will begin writing as promised.

The Missing Runaway part 17....

POV- Mikey- Blair was starting to worry me. It had been three hours, and we still couldn’t get her out of my room. Frank and Gerard has cleaned up all the broken glass and put the phone away. I knocked on my bedroom door once again, hoping I would get out at least a word from her.
“Blair, come on. It’s been three hours, at least let me know you’re alive.”
No response.
I sighed heavily, and walked back into the living room. Frank and Gee were on the couch watching Walking Dead reruns.
“Frank, it’s your turn, she won’t respond to me.”
“Why me, can’t Gerard go!?”
“Well, no, because she’s in my

Convicted: Chapter 45

POV-Mikey- Kat’s face was totally pale, her scared eyes wide, in fear. The Draculiod stood behind her, and as fast as lightning I grabbed my gun and shot him, hitting his heart. I Ran to the side and sounded the alarm, they had found us. Kat had collapsed to the ground; she was shot in the back.

“Help!” I screamed, as Renily and Jessica ran into the room. They crowed around Kat, I was so scared,

“Kobra, Ghoul and Renily, take care of the ambush, Bandit and I will take care of Kat.” Jessica ordered. She had always been a good leader in times like this.

Convicted chapter 44

POV-Gerard- I snuck out after everyone was asleep. I didn’t take the car, I couldn’t leave them stranded, they would need supplies soon enough. I ran as far as I could, making it to the road about 1pm the next day. Surly they knew I was gone, or locked in my room. I didn’t leave a note, and I didn’t pack anything, but a day’s worth of food, water, and first aid. I slept in a tree, by the road, and to my amazement the desert was kind of cool at night. The next morning, I had a few bits of my apple, and headed off to find Janelle.

The Missing Runaway part 16!

Yes dear readers, i have decided to continue this story, although it isnt as popular as Convicted, and was my first fan-fiction, i decided those who dp read it would like it to continue. So here we are!
POV-Blair- I felt like crying. The Foster Care System (FCS) has already contacted me. They assign a single consoler to each child, so that way we have a certain person to contact, or to contact us. I think it’s to make it easier on the kids. It has only been 2 days since the death of both my foster parents.