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So Guys...Its Been Awhile! Fan-Fic, Anyone?

So guys! I havent blogged in quite some time, so i though, "Eh, why not."

Anyway, i have an account in a website called Wattpad, and i have bee writing all kinds of MCR Fan-Fic's on there. Then i had a thought, of posting a new Fan-Fic on here, instead of there. I'm not sure if it will be about The Black Parade, or the Killjoy's yet, but i will decide soon.

So of you may recall a fan-fiction my fan fiction 'Convicted' or 'The Sharpest Lives.' i finished one, and discontinued the other.

Anyway, i need at least 3 other character!

Happy Birthday, Ray!

Happy Birthday, Ray Toro!!!

Happy 36th Birthday Gerard!!

You are now 36. But you look like your 26. haha....I hope you get alll your mail read real soon. lol. ~Dreamer

It's Our Turn....

So i'm sure you all have heard the news about MCR braking up. It hurts, alot, but we made a promise to them that we will live on with or without them. I believe we are strong enough to do this, because we will always have there music, and the memory. A small amount of MCR lives in all of us, and instead of fading away we should embrace it. They should this generation what it really means to live. Now, it's are time to show the next generation, what MCR has shown us.

So, goodbye My Chemical Romance, and thank you.

I Knew It Would Happen One Day....Goodbye MCR

I'm truly shocked, but i dont know why. i knew this day would come. It is sad, very sad, yes, but i still have there music, so i know everything will be okay.

My only regret is that i never got to see them in concert. It was the one thing that i wanted to do on my bucket list, but now it will never be completed.

I'm crying right now, seriously.

Everyone is saying "Oh it's just a band."

but there wrong. MCR was NOT just a band. They were my saviors, hero's, idols, and everything in between. It hurts to say this, but it has to be done.

Thank You, you for making me feel like the world isnt

I Like One Direction Too, So What...?

You want to know why the Human Race sickens me so much? Here is why. I will admit that i like One Direction. I do. I've tried to hide it, but you know what? i'm tired of hiding it. I love My Chem too, but i like both bands for different reasons. I shouldnt have to Justify myself to anyone what those reasons are. But i think i'm going to, just to get my point across.

I love My Chemical Romance becasue the have been with me forever. They saved me from being stupid and almost ending my life when my father died. Than a year later when my family friend died.

The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 8

P.O.V Dawn- Bandit and I both screamed in result of the scary movie. We heard a thud from upstairs and then someone run down the stairs.

“What! Who is it! Are you guys okay!” a very worried Gerard came in. he had a wet head and a pencil behind his ear. He must have been writing. Bandit paused the movie, and looked at her father. We exchanged glances and then busted out laughing.

There was a knock on the door, and Gerard answered it. Then came in a very wide eyed and freaked out Frank. When he seen me he sighed, and hugged me. I sneezed because I was allergic to dogs.

“Guys we have a huge

The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 6

Heyy guys -> those are the only contest entires i have recived. There both amazing. If you want to vote, Message me a #1 (for the first) or a #2 (for the second) Let me know!!~Dreamer

“I think it’s a great idea.” We heard a voice come from behind Gerard. As they stepped around, we seen it was…

It was….Brian!

“Brian what are you talking about! That is NOT a great idea!!” I shouted. What was Brian saying! I thought he cared for Gerard!

“Aw you must be the gentleman who called to inform us about the foster switch.” My foster father said.

The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 5 (Please Read)

(Weeks later)
I felt better than ever, I had a bad case of the Flu, now I was living on the Angels on a high. The tour had ended and we were just entering the L.A city limits. We were all sat in the living room. I was scrolling down on my HP laptop, that Gerard bought me for Christmas. Gerard sat next to me and closed my computer.

“Hey!” I protested.

“We need to talk.” He said, although we had a huge smile on his face.

“Yea sure, what’s up?” I said.

“well, now that the tour is over, we need to decide where you will be staying.” He said.

About a month ago, my parents reported me missing.

The Sharpest Lives...Chapter 4

Heyy guys! Wednesday is coming fast, and i have received only ONE contest entire!!! Come on guys! ~Dreamer
P.O.V Dawn- When we finished at the mall (Which was quite an adventure) we went back to the bud. The guys were carring all my bags because Gerard wouldn’t let me lift a think. Apparently I was ‘in too weak of a condition.’ Okaaaay Mr. Know-It-All you carry the bags.

I smiled at my lame sarcasm, I wish I was funnier but, oh well.

“No Mikey, I’m telling you Darth Vader was not married to Queen Amidala!!” Frank shouted for the world to