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The first sound of MCR

Who was the person that introduced you to MCR? Which song did you hear first? I heard I'm Not Okay first and it was my mam and dad that introduced me to it. Guitar Hero helped too!


Take a look at my epic failure of a manga ish drawing of Gerard way. it failed miserably but i still think its quite cool. Give me critisism, advice and praise plz!


Which song do you think has the best vocals from the amazing Gerard Way? I'll not make any suggestions coz sum1 WILL say that another song shud b on there, so u choose!

Sorry if ur gettin bored of my random little 'opinion blogs' as i call them.


Which guitar solo is the best?
-Na na na
-I'm not okay
If u think a different one, please tell me!


Comment here if u think gerard is THE ONE AND ONLY GOD OF OUR WORLD

Tell me...

Heyy all, could you tell me what your three fave MCR songs are? Just out of curiosity... Mine are Cancer, Famous Last Words and Planetary (GO!), all fairly recent stuff. Please tell me!

Just keep rockin!!!

Hi to all Killjoys

The living proof that My Chemical Romance is epic: ANYONE will listen to them! The girls who listen to crap like Lady Gaga and the lads who listen to Tinie Tempah (WTF?!?) ALL listen to some recent songs! Not that it was my fault at all... ;) As if you could say it was your 'fault'! Keep on rockin Killjoys!