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I wanted to blog but I don't know what to blog, so Imma give you some random stuff to laugh at. Or ignore. Either way is cool >.<

This i s ho w i actually type by accident and then i adjust it to make oit look presentable xD

I didnt know what those pictures were when I added them to this blog so if they a load of bullshit then please tell me.

Well, I can tell that this is about to turn into the most fucked up blog everrrr.

“I heard the Jonas Brothers were playing here tonight, Well Fuck the Jonas Brothers!

Bewitched, this my new fave song, but it's techno, so I don't know if you guys will like it. It's by Blood on the Dance Floor, and I'm gonna post the lyrics now :)

Bewitched Lyrics

You're attractive, little witch, you're beautiful
You're wickedness, little witch, it broke my heart
Enchanting words, little witch, you cast a spell
Mass destroyer, little witch, my beautiful apocalypse

You got me bewitched, 'cause I'm under your spell
Oh, oh, oh
You must be a witch, 'cause I am living in hell
Oh, oh, oh

Now is the time, now is the hour
I am the magic, I am the power oh
All you need is one


Okay, so I created two pics related to All Time Low. They are both keep calm and whatever ones, so i was really proud of them. I made them on paint too lol xD hope you like them


Chapter 7

I'm gonna try and get a chapter on every other day now, because leaving it too long might annoy some people :3 Anyway, I don't have a lot to say today so I'm just gonna get on with the fic. OH wait, this chapter is in Gerard's POV. Just saying :3



Where is he?

Frank's missing.

And Ray.

Where could they have gone?

I had searched the whole house, phoned both of their phones at least five times and I even tried Lyn Z's phone, but it was turned off. I was almost crying, this was the third time today Frank had gone missing.

Everything I Ask For

Takes her time with the little things,
Love notes reminding me,
She wears red when she's feeling hot,
I have her but it's all I got,
She looks best without the clothes,
I know it's wrong but it's the way it goes,
I don't know what she sees in me,
But I'm happy,
If she's happy now,
And she's with me,
And I'm freaking out,
Because I'm just so lucky,

Oh, she makes me feel like shit,
But I can't get over it,
Cos she's everything I ask for,
Everything I ask for,
And just a little bit more,
Everything I ask for,
Everything I ask for,
And so much more.

Loves music but she hates my band,

Chapter 6

Woo! Chapter 6! And I'm planning on having a fight scene and a bit of gore, because I know you love gore. Even if you don't love gore, I know you do. And if this doesn't live up to expectations, tell me and I will make the next chapter more gory :)


Frank didn't know what to do. He was thinking about what had happened that night. The night he was changed. He knew who did it, but didn't want to tell anyone. He had to confront her himself. No one, not even Mikey, could talk him out of it.

He stood up, planning what he was going to do before he messed up his life.

Love Quotes

Um, hi. I haven't been online for ages, so I wouldn't be surprised if you died of shock from seeing this blog. But don't die yet, for I need your help.

I am doing an art project, and I plan on having love quotes covering the page, and an eye with a sunset as the iris in the middle of the page. But I have a problem. I have searched high and low for love quotes, and haven't got nearly enough, so if you could give me a few, I would be really grateful.

Thanks xox

Artistic Help Needed

Does anyone have any idea on the best way to draw someone crying? Just the eyeliner/mascara runing down their face, cos I have no idea on how to do it.


Chapter 5

Some people might think that the last chapter was going to be the last one for a few weeks, but I managed to make a new chapter. I'm going to save you the gore and send Frank straight home here. Unless you want the gore?.. If you do, tell me and that will be the next chapter. :D


Frank was finally satisfied, and it had only taken three foxes. He came across a few dogs, but couldn't bring himself to do it. They were just too fucking cute.

He stumbled through the front door, forgetting that there was a step before the door, and heard worried voices.


I know a girl that thinks Muse, Paramore, Panic! At The Disco AND GERARD WAY are moshers. -_- I have a lot to teach that girl.