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My mom called me My chemical cunt face today
Make it legendery

I'm looking forward to the new my chemical romance but I'd love it Daddy Way dyed his hair back black. I'm hoping that we'll see more fantastic performances and music vids from these guys (we know their songs will be great). I hope they are still gonna have a theme like they have for the rest of their albums.I love you guys. Please tell Bob that I love him as well even if he's not with the band here today. Oh and Daddy Way, when are you coming back to twitter?

Mcrmy song

I'm thinking of writing an Mcrmy song. The first thing that popped into my head is You can't push us around, we're as scary as clowns.You can't make us feel dead, or poison us with lead


This is the video I made ages ago for My chem's Dead

I'm stealing it because i'm 5ft 4in

1. height:5ft 4in

2. virgin: yes

3. shoe size: 5

4. sexual orientation: straight you smoke: Heck no.

6. do you drink: Heck no but i've tasted cider. I like it

7. do you take/do drugs: Heck no

8. what age do you get mistaken for: 14 to 15.

9. tattoos: None because i prefer to draw/write on myself so i can rub it off if i make mistakes

10. piercings: None but I've had my ears pierced in nursery but i always pulled them out.

11. best friends: Shakir (Sweet_Poison14) on twitter. She loves MCR as much as me

12. relationship status: single

13. favorite movies: Anything MARVEL!

14. Dream Job:

My English story : Danger days

I am only in year 9 and had to write this for an competition. I tried my best and i hope my chemical romance like it. I love u guys x. I'm from the UK

My heart was racing, we have to win, we have to change the world.
We're your only hope.We are the killjoys: Gerard (aka me), my cousin Danny, Alexa and
Anthony Edward Iero but we just call him Knifey (he has an obsession with knifes). We didn't start
of in battle, we used to be joined in harmony.

Death. That's what started it. She was gone, my dear Helena, deep down in the ground.
My heart smashed into a million pieces, pieces I could NEVER

Care: mcr

At school today in the uk, we was doing care and we had to write about a celebrity who handled drugs, alchohol and depression so i thought Gerard Way. I also added quite a few mentions of Mcr, Lynz Way and Bandit. I then realised it said write about 3-4 celebs and 1-2 sentences. Ooops i technically wrote about more people technically but i wrote 5 big pages. Thats how much i love my gezzy. 3 cheers for Gerard!!!

Thankyou My chemical romance

MCR, your my inspiration. The way you Gerard sings, the way the guys shred the guitar and how much mention your hometown New Jersey. Your songs show us that we aren't alone and its good to be different. You show us we are never alone. We should all thank you. We need to give you something back. We should make you team MCR tees, Gerard tees, Mikey tees, frank tees, ray tees and even Bob tees. Bob may not be in the band but he was still a vital member and also a vital member for your friendship. If you want i'll start a comp for the shirts.