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I feel like ranting.....

You heard me! So give me some good topics and I I like one of them, I'll rant about it!

Totally stolen.....

I know everyone hates these but I'm really bored :

1. Beverage = Orange Soda
2. Phone call = Julia
3. Text message you received = Julia: YEAHHHHHHHHH BUDDY! 
4. Song you listened to = Taken - One Direction 
5. Time you cried = This afternoon 
Have you ever:
6. Dated somebody twice = Never 
7. Been cheated on = Thank god never 
8. Kissed somebody and regretted it = Never.
9. Lost someone special = Too many times. 
10. Been depressed = Mhmm.
11. Had a friend turn on you = Uh, yeah. 
Have you recently:
12. Made new friends = No 
13. Fallen out of love = No....
14. Laughed until you cried =

Last night was awesome!

Last night our school had a dance, and it was so much fun. They had REAL dj's (opposed do having a teacher do it) and they turned off all of the lights am had awesome strobe lights and stuff, about felt like a night club. And for a catholic school dance, they had awesome music. Sexy and I know it, Super bass, starships, What makes You beautiful, one thing, Low, an they even played Thnx Fr Th Mmrs! And those are only the one's I remember. They played a few slow songs, and the guy I like Skylar, was dancing with this girl Annie (he doesn't even like her!

Can't wait!

Well apparently, two weeks from now, Fall Out Boy is doing a secret under ground concert at a club an my mom's boss have her tickets and I'm going! I can't wait! She said that I might be able to meet them! I wanna meet Patrick Stump soooooooooo bad!

Thank god

I finally finished my Niall, Zayn, and Liam one-shots! All I need now is my Louis and Harry ones and I'll be good! An to make this day even awesomer (or morning....since its 12:07am), my friend's mom knows Louis (THE TOMO!) Tomlinso's mom and she gave me his draw something name (it's nothing at all what you'd think!! And I've been playing him for an hour now. He's so awesome! If any of you have draw something and you wanna play me, my name is McKaeKae (please don't make me regret giving my name out). Oh and happy birthday Gee!

So bored

Sitting in my basement, listening to Fall Out Boy, watching my 9yr old bro play MW3 (he sucks at it), and writing a Niall (don't even ask) one-shot. Got nothin better to do! But I'm getting my new iPhone 4 tomorrow (I have the 3GS but it sucks and it's broke)! Finally!

Easter Pie!

Just got to my pop's house and were making Easyer Pie! In my family, my nana on my mom's side was supossed to teach me, but my nana died of cancer when I was 3 (9 years ago today actually) so my pop is teaching me. And Easter pie is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!



This needs to stop......

Okay, I know this whole 1D vrs. MCR thing has only been going on for a few hours, but it needs to stop. NOW. Because I swear if this turns into a full blown war, I'm taking 1D's side, because NEVER in my life have is seen MCR start a fan war. And I don't want to. And I know that the killjoys would probably start the 1D war. SO STOP IT NOW. You guys hate it when people say Gerard can't sing, yet I've seen atleast 3 blogs saying that 1D can't sing! You guys are such hypocrites! I swear I've never been disipointed in the MCRmy but I really am now........


Thank you guys for not completely hating me. And I'm just so relieved that we don't have school today. Just chillin in my BOTDF shirt I got yesterday and jeans, listening to 1D and staring at pictures of Harry Styles. So today's gonna be a pretty good day. I can tell.

-Kaela xx