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Okay guys i've made up my mind :)

Okay guys you know how i have taken your options for songs i have made up my mind. I am either going to Cancer or Adams Song te first on obviously by MCR the second by Blink - 182. Thanks for all the suggestions now i just have to decide between the two. If i can i wll post a video of the song i a going to sing. Thats if you guys wat me to though..... Well anywa enough bout me how have you guys been???

xoxo MCRloveforever

I need some hel wit decisions...

Okay guys so today my teacher told me that i'm singing in the end ofyear concert. She said to the class that she wanted t sow off all our individual strenghs. She told me i had to sing thirty seconds of a dark meaningful song but i have no clue what song i should do.... If you have any ideas can you plase comment the name of the song and artist.... I will let you know when i decide. ( Plase note that i can't sing metal) Thanks!!!! See ya next time!! :)

xoxo MCRloveforever

I feel like dying....

All of today i have been feeling like crap maybe it's cause my friends are treating me like crap i don't know or maybe it's the fact that i haven't got much sleep... I feel like dying nobody's talking to me my friend doesn't wanna talk to me i called her up and she said oh i gotta go have tea and shower and stuff when she picked up the phone she didn't seem really inthused to be talking to me.. My sisters putting her friends before me we were supposed to be having an Ouran High Host Club marathon bu her friend called half way thrugh the first episode and she didn't en bother bout me or

It's okay then just completely ignore me...

The last few blogs i've been posting haven't got any reactions i'm fine with this and all but then when i posted i was feeling alone everyone suddenly gave a damn. Someone told me they'd be there for me no matter what they told me i could talk to them and all of a sudden they decided to stop talking to me WTF don't say your gonna be there for someone when really your not. I got a lot of reactions when I said I was feeling alone a lot of people inboxed me sayin i could talk to them and all of them have suddenly stopped talkin to me too.

Things to know.

I still feel like barely any of you guys know me properly you read my posts and stuff but you still don't really know me. So here's some basic info of me. I'm an aboriginal girl ( Just in case you don't know am Aboriginal is the first people to live in Australia) , I love music it's basically my soul , I'm only 12 years old and have also only been a fan for under 10 months.I have 2 older sisters a little siter and an older brother. I don't really get along with my Dad all that well and i don't think mum really approves of me listening to the bands i do.

My toe hoe friend..........

My friends being a toe hoe like honestly she's just like so effing annoying she goes scitso whenever someone interupts her conversation and then she's just turning into a bitcj and is just ignoring me she tells me to go away and shit like that. I told her everything Like i mean depression to just my general life backround and she doesn't tell me anything and im just like urh!!!!

xoxo MCRloveforever

My Life is on track.

My life is finally on track it's suprisingly going well. I've gotten over my torn between bands situation and i am moving forward. I am being productive with my spare time and trying to form the band of my dreams and suprisingly hasn't backfired.I have not been asociating with the bitches and i am sticking up for myself more. I am opening up to people and i have been my indivdual self.So in other words life hasn't fucked me up yet.

xoxox MCRloveforever. ( if any of you guys are ever wanna talk im here!)

I feel like i've betrayed MCR........

Well lately i've been listening to Black Veil Brides a lot more than usual and i've started to really enjoy listening their music. Well anyway the other day i decided to download BVB's albums and then i realized that this could be the start of something and now i feel like BVB are my number 1 band. I feel terible and it's making me feel depressed and stuff. I feel i cannot even be bothered worrying about my MCR wall anymore ( My MCR wall is a wall of MCR posters that i have collected) and all my worries go into wether or not i can handlebing a BVB and MCR fan atthe same time.

Happy Birthday Mikey :)

Happy brithday to the most talented bassist Michael James Way!!! God he's like my inspiration for playing bass he was one of the reasons i actually started listening to MCR ( seen a pic and thought oh god he's hot!). And also it's suicide prevention day today i actually had to be reminded by my sister that it was today! Well any way if any of you guys feel lonely or suicidal or just wat somene to talk to i'm here! I don't undestand why soeone would want to take thier life i know things get bad but you have to stay strong and carry on!


Well over a month ago now i decided to ask my teacher if i could sing in front of the class she actually let me so i sang Summertime by MCR because i had a cold at the time my voice kept on croaking and at the really strong bits in the song my voice kinda faded if u know what i mean but this girl who haes me said i was good andi'm like in my head "Yeah your only saying that because you wish you could actually sing" and i'm not being mea we usedto be friends and she can't sing for crap so yea well my class is throwing a party fr he 20th edition of our class newspaper and i ad some otherpeople