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I know this doesn't relate to MCR but i neeed to know!!

Hey MCRmy How have you been!?!? I was just wondering if there is a site like this for Black Veil Brides if so could you plkease comment the link below. Cause fans are saying they're a army but there's no site to connect on i just reakky wanna know. And if there is can you please comment your user name too.
Thanks!! Xoxo MCRloveforever

Okay guys i need some help with explaining.

So the whole Kierra thing hs ben resolved. Only because i told the truth and the trut hurt her and she told the teacher -_- That happend on Thursday but i have only just started to feel the awkwardness between us. I needto tell hr that i still needsome space and that im feeling awkward andi don't know how t let her know without her gettig offended can nyon help pease??

xoxo MCRloveforever

To top things off....

Okay guys so you know how my friend Kierra is being a bitch right?? Yeah now to top things off my dad is being a cunt. He told me i was goth and emo when im not. He tells me to be quiet constantly and he yells at me when i use the laptop. He is just being completely and utterly motherfucking cunt i honestly have had enough of everyone i swear to god!!! Kierra is being more of a bitch than usual and she's just pissing me off with every thing she says to me. I've only got two to three real friends now. I've honestly had enough of life itself.

Fucking had enough!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry i've been complaining but things are getting worse by the day. You probably know what im talking bout but just incase you don't know Kierra is being a complete and utter bitch!!!! And the funny thing is it all started happening when she started liking Boy Division. Today we were just chilling at a table out front of the school canteen i picked up a little kids drink bottle and poured into my friends youghurt container well Kierra decided to do this too. I knew it was wrong to do as for we didn't even know the kid and we were touching her shit.

Okay guys im really bored.

Okay guys im really motherfucking bored right now someone inbox me please??

It's happened again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay guys so last night i posted about my friend being really rude and stuff well the same thing happened today we got into a fight over what the lyrics were for Boy Division i knew i was right though cause i had the lyrics printed out and all,but Kierra just continued to deny that they were right. I've really had enough of all my friends Bethany is ignoring me,Kierra is being a bitch, Sarah is being a up herself little cow the only friend that isn't making me feel like shit is Lily.

Conventional weapons in the way of life.

Okay guys so before i get started how have you guys been???
The day Conventional Weapons came out i was sick, so i basically had a day to learn the songs. The next day i went back to school and told my friend Kierra bout Boy Division and sung the line:' I'm not asking your not telling, he's not dead he only looks that way'. So she liked that line the next day she arrived at school and told me she loved that song and that she had learnt the lyrics. Even though i had a day to learn the songs i didn't i had other things to do too.

Just Wondering

So i was just wondering is Conventional Weapons coming out on cd?? or is it just Vinyl???? I really wanna know cause i dont own a vinyl player only a cd player and even if it doesnt come out on cd i cant download it so i have no way to get Conventional Weapons on my phone :( So can you please let me know :) Thanks!!

xoxo MCRloveforever

Just wondering

I was just wondering can you get Conventional Weapons on cd instead of Vinyl????? I have no idea honestly i need it on cd cause i don't own a vinyl player as much as i want one i cant buy one but as for cds i have a cd player so if you guys could please let me know i would be very grateful. Thanks!!!

Xoxo MCRloveforever

My random dreams....

Lately i have been having really shit ass weird dreams. Wednesday night i had a dream that i got kidnapped by MCR and Andy Biersack then i got rapped by Andy. I then i appeared back home and went on a killing spree. A week ago i had a dream that a phyco with a chainsaw tried to kill me and then i ran out to my parents room and he had killed my parents. I then ran down the hill he was chasing me then Funghoul and Party Poison killed him and brought my parents back to life.