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Everyone i know is pissing me off.

I swear everyone i know is pissing me off everyone is finding some way to hurt me or make me feel bad. My own family dispise of me, it is probably because i dress a lot differently to the way they do. Maybe it's because of the musc i listen to i have no clue. Everyone has started calling me a goth my own family know im not but yet they still say i am. People at school have started calling me goth and i absolutely hate it because i'm not. Maybe sometimes i may look that way and i'm planning on going goth but not yet. Urh then my brother said i better not like any emo/ goth fags.

I think i might try coffee!!! :)

Okay i'm really cold and thirsty and i want to try coffee. I've had it before like made in a cafe not at home. I don't think it's a real good idea a hyper twelve year old getting more hyper on coffee!!!
I thought i'd just share that with you guys just for heck of it. This coffee will probably make me understand why Mikey and Gerard love it so much. omgghbthgujtnbjgb fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmm I love coffee now!! Toooooooo goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo MCRloveforever

Bored ( Yet again)

Okay so i'm really bored and need someone to talk too. If anyone can hold up a good conversation and wants to talk to me just go ahead and mesage me!! Also Kierra is being a hoe again she's not worth so im just not even gonna bothr with her any more. Why waste your time on someone you now hate??? She is just being a bitch like everyone else. My sisters party is this weekend the theme is fancy dress well i'm not going fancy im going as someone from the Black Parade it's gonna be fucking awesome!! :)

xoxo MCRloveforever

This is just a little rant to myself ( I know i said i'd stop)

I know i said i'd stop but lately i've been watching MCR signings and Concert videos and watching them makes me wanna cry. Because !. I haven't seen MCR live. 2, I most likely will never get to meet MCR 3. I haven't got enough money to see them live :( And then seeing all you happy killjoys all together made me happy seeing that many killjoys all in one place would be just amazing!!! Sorry this is just some random rant to myself. I'm just feeling so lonely that i haven't seen MCR in person or live makes me feel like im not the best fan i coukld be.

You guys are motherfucking amazing!!!!!!

I just had realization how lucky i really am. You guys are always here for me, and i sometimes take that forgranted. You have always been there for me when i need you and are like my real family cause i'm not really close with my family so you are basically my family. I always talk about you to my friends and tell them some of the funny moments we've had together. Most people get sick of me but probably not you guys you are just my best fucking friends and i don't even know you. It's amazing how one band can join so many people together and feel like a family.

I'm worried as shit.

I'm really worried bout one of my friend and i can't help her. It makes me feel so useless can someone inbox me please???? I really need to figure out what i'm going to do i just am freaking out at the moment.

xoxo MCRloveforever

It made me wanna fucking cry.

So for most of the day today i was at my Nan's house heklping her clean up. We were sitting outside for a while and she told me that she had given my arch enemies mum a swirlie i laughed so hard it made me wanna cry. Well that's not even what made me wanna cry badly you see my uncle had passed away a few years back and out of all of mums kids i was the one who was closest to him. Nan has this photo album that mum brought for her just after his passing for her to keep all of his pictures and things in.

I'm really REALLy worried need help :/

[Post edited: Please refrain from posting about self harm as it is against the rules you agreed to when you signed up for the website. Unfortunately due to serious legal issues we cannot allow posts of this nature on this website]

3. No self harm posts
If you are feeling like you may harm yourself please contact someone who can help.

Call 1-800-273-8255 or visit or You can also contact The Trevor Project at or by calling their Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

Okay guys.. I know i rant sorry.

Okay my previous blogs have all been basically all about how Kierra is being a bitch and stuff i decided im not going to come running to you guys when a tiny thing in my life goes bad or right. I rant to much and im sorry for it i'm pretty sure you don't wanna scroll through the news feed and see me complaining constantly. I have one last thing to ask before i stop ranting,do any of you people like Black Veil Brides if you di can you ninbox me please?? I have no friends who like them and i just want one person to talk about them with me.

Okay i have decided i now hate Kierra..

Urh!!! I hate Kierra sure the problem was resolved for what like one day and now im pissed off with her again. Today we went up to the highschool for a day where we kinda just play sports and stuff just for part of our transition thingo. Well i have this friend Bethany who is goth. I seen her at lunch and decided to go talk to her. Kierra kinda followed me i didn't like this but i didn't say anything to her.