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One of the most awkwardest things happened today, okay so Friday or Thursday last week, one of my guy friends, friends had been diagnosed with brain cancer. He was really upset, so i was worrying about him for most of my weekend. I got to school and was like to him "I was worrying about you all weekend!!" he must of thought something like i meant it in a crushing way, but it wasn't.

Everyone hates me i hate all of you.

Right now in life the line from This song Is a Curse ,Everyone hates me i hate all of you.Kinda relates to life right now. The bitches & cunts ( Popular people) hate me more than ever and i honestly hate them way more. It's just the way it is i'll never be like them and they can't force me to be like them. I've also been called 'Gothic' and Emo' just cause i wear black. I explained there is a difference between gothic,emo and people who simply like to wear black.!

The concert is tomorrow shit..i'm gonna die!!! Like i have to sing this song,it's really high,then i was having troubles with the head set thing today when i was getting changed I( I have to do mutiple changes throughout the item) and it's just really awkward. I'm also incredibly nervous as for i really need to practice. Mum doesn't know im singing in the concert because i wanted it to be a suprise. But she is giving me all these jobs to do around the house and it's taking forever. I have no time to practice and i'm just fucking stressing out!

xoxo MCRloveforever

You are never alone!!

I know i've posted about this before but some of my friends on this site have started cutting again, i don't like this at all. I hate it when people cut themselves honestly, nobody should ever want to hurt themselves like EVER. If you're cutting because of bullying those people are not good enough to hurt yourself over. Or if it would be from other reasons i don't know but just remember you're better than they will ever be. You are never EVER alone life will get better i promise, and if it doesn't you can hunt me down and hurt me badly.

Got any suggestions???

I don't know why i'm posting so many blogs,but i just have so much that's running on my mind. Any way i'm updating the songs on my phone, do any of you MCRmy members have any suggestion will listen to all that i haven't heard. That's all i wanted hahaha wouldn't it be awkward if i didn't get any responses!

xoxo MCRloveforever

So how do you deal with stress??

This is just me wondering how do you fabulous members of the MCRmy deal with stress??? I just need some help dealing with my stress. I need to plan parts of my lleavers dinner, organize and practise to completely different songs to sing infront of people, focus on school work, baby sit and juggle seeing my friends on weekends then aklso find time to check this site... God justb not enough time i think. Do you think so too??? Or is it just me??????????? Any wya that's all i wanted to know.

xoxo MCRloveforever

New style :)

hey MCRmy so a few days ago, i dyed my hair from medium brown to black :) It looks pretty decent actually. I've started to slowly change my looks. For better and not because anyone is telling me to i'm doing it because i want to! I'm going gothic/punk sorta thing but i just like the look. Anyone know of any good sights i can get gothic clothes from??? My family beside my sister hate the whole look but who gives a fuck?? not me!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy with my appearance kinda but nobody ever is. Well anyway i just thought i'd share that with youg uys.

OMG mum why!?!?!?!

OKay so basically mum was complainig about how much i weigh. She sounded so utterly dissapointed in me that i'm not as skinny as her or my older sister. She was basically calling me fat. She told me how i should be exercising more, how i should eat less junk food and how i should watch what i eat. I got really upset and left the room turned up the speakers and just chilled. My sister followed me but i yelled at her to leave me alone so i pushed her out. Mum later came up and said how she didn't mean it that way and stuff.

I need suggestions :/

So i have been writing songs a lot lately and at the moment i have ran out of ideas for song topics. If you have any topics you would like me to write about just message me or comment :) I'll message you the song once i'm done :) I have already written songs about cutting,suicide ect most of my songs are about that stuff and i just need something different. Something dark but not pop. So just comment or message. Thanks!! See ya next time.

xoxo MCRloveforever

The Kids From Yesterday

This is really strange but when i first became a fan of MCR i absolutely hated the song The kids from Yesterda until now haven't liked it as much as the others but just then i was watching the video and it's changed my whole perspective of the song around. Like it's a song that i now adore and it's just like.. WOW!! Honestly i think when you really start to understnad a song it really does impact you a lot moreThis is what has just happened. One day we'll all be kids from yesterday, we can't live forever don't hold back live with no regrets. Live life to the fullest and never look back.