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Some advice again? Maybe?

Okay so with that guy, after multiple arguments with myself I didn't contact him. It would be just to awkward... But now I find myself wanting to talk to him again -.- Although I know I'll get hurt. Me being the stalkery stalker I am ( not really I was just curious) looked at his profile and all the girls talking to him, I realised that there are other girls. Those girls are a lot prettier and a lot more "normal" than I ever will be so why would he even bother talking to me?

I'm gonna try.

I'm gonna try Atleast post once weekly starting today. I find rude for me to only post when I need advice. So how have my fellow MCRmy been coping with the breakup? I know it's still a touchy topic for some of you, but if it's hard I want to try help you guys out. I want to help you all so if you ever need anything let me know :) I just don't want you guy. To make the mistakes I once did when I was sad. Please just keep hope I love you all you're waiting il take no ones shit stand up talk never let them fucking take you alive.

Advice? Someone anyone?

Okay I need some advice, there is this guy we have been friends on and off for a while now, I really like him and want to talk to him again but he's hurt me before in te past and I don't wanna get hurt again. Everyone's telling me to forget about him that he's not worth it, but I believe he truly is. He is currently ignoring me and I think he hates me.

I've started my letter ^.^

Well as the title says I started my letter to Gerard last night so hopefully I get it done soon. I found it a Lot more difficult than I once thought what with trying to findthe weight wording and for it to make sense. This is completely off subject but can someone please message me?! I'm really bored and want some online company :)

Xoxo MCRloveforever

Can someone anyone give me some advice please?!

Okay so I was looking at some symptoms of Depression and I found that I have somebody these symptoms, I then took an online test ( it was on a official page don't worry) an it came up with I might have depression and that I should seek out going to a mental health professional.. I don't know how to tell my mum about what's going on or anything.. Can anyone please help me out?! I fear my mum won't understand and she'll just make a bug deal out if it and stuff.. So please help me out??

Xoxo MCRloveforever

- insert shitty title here -

I've done something I shouldn't of I promised myself I never would, but then again promises are made to be broken.

Stay strong my fellow MCRmy!!!

So I know this is gonna be a hard time for all of you, but don't do anything stupid okay. Just because they split doesn't means that they're gone forever or that all their music has disappeared off the face of this earth. You still have the MCRmy too, we're still here for you and I definitely know how most of you would be feeling and it's something I though I'd never see happen.

Maybe i'm the problem...

Hey guys! how have you all been?? sorry i havent posted in a while remember i love you all. These are just some thoughts of mine how i have been feeling lately .Maybe i bring my pain onto myself, i deserve evey second of it. I'm a terrible person, im a horrible nasty bitch to everyone... I have barely any friends anymore, but this suites my thereoy above i dont talk to them, i avoid them they've alll gotten quite nasty towards others and i just can't stand being around them so i sit by myself instead.

Wow..... Not so forever alone anymore...

Im not so forever alone anymore, i've met this really awesome guy we're both into the same things, and he is really nice and thinks im beautiful the way i am. I really am starting to develope feelings for him and he said to me that he is too.

My cover of Scarecrow!

My cover of S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W by MCR is completed! Please leave some feedback in the comments it would mean a lot. And thanks to the person who suggested i do this cover ( Sorry i cant really remember your name! -_-) So i hope you enjoy!! Please note i was kinda sick when i done this video so please dont hate on me!

xoxo MCRloveforever