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Missing someone sucks trust me _-.-

Soooo I've been missing this guy so much lately its not even funny, the same one who gave me so much pain I want it all back. Fuck I hate emotions. yeah but apparently my older sister forced him to send that message, he had nothing to do with it so me being me forgave him almost instantaneously. I hate myself for missing him, I honestly don't know what to do, he wants nothing to do with me, maybe somewhere in his heart he misses me like I miss him but I doubt it more and more each day. Missing someone or something sucks so much it isn't even funny.

Ray's new song?!

I've been hearing thins that Ray has released a new song is it true?! If it is can you please link it in the comments?? Please?? I would appreciate more than ever :)

Xoxo MCRloveforever

It's been over a month! :D

Heya Killjoys! Uh I'm really proud of myself I've managed to last over a month without her in myself :) I'm actually really really proud of myself alothough all of those shot has been happening I've manage not to do it. Even if it's been hard and ie felt like I have needed to harm I stopped I tried it's been lingering in my head more so now. I just wanna get these thoughts outta my head, I hand even realise it had been that long until my close friend had pointed it out to me. So yeah that's all I wanted to let you know...

Xoxo MCRloveforever

Am i the only one?

Am I the only one who thinks Franks new style makes him look like Gerard? Like legitimately I thought he was Gerard and I'm just like Frankie why!?! Why confuse me with this?? But yeah that's all I wanted to know..
Thanks for the song/band suggestions I found most of the bands you suggested I already knew.. haha but most of the ones I didn't know were bloody amazing and I have currently been fangirling over those bands a little much -.-
xoxo MCRloveforever

Song suggestions someone anyone?

Hey! I really need to update my music, and finding songs and bands can actually be kinda difficult so I was just wondering if any of you could please comment a band or song that is just really awesome?? I'll check out every song or band you suggest unless I already know them. You seem to have pretty wicked music tastes so im also just curious as to what you like at the moment ^.^ Okay thanks it'll help a lot and be very much appreciated :)
xoxo MCRloveforever

Well from good to bad with a matter of words..

Hey MCRmy! :D Lately I've been really great, I was. With just a few words I went from great to bad. That guy I told some of you about yeah he and I weren't talking, I was actually ignoring because I was sick of the bullshit one minute he''ll love you, the next he'll act like I never even knew him. Just as I wanted him in my life again, just as I wanted him back he messages me saying he wants nothing to do with me. That he's sorry for ever hurting me that i'm to mentally and physically young for him.

After two years we meet again..

After almost two years of my seeing my older sister ifinally get to see her next week! :D We're so alike it's crazy, and do you know how rare it is to actually find decent people in my family that like the same things as me? It's very Very rare.. we both like the same music and we both dress the same.

Vans Warped Tour Australia anyone?

heya MCRmy! Well some of you might know that vans Warped Tour is coming back to Australia in November/December and oh my Gerard my parents said I could go! I'm so happy and excited! :D Even though I don't know the lineup, ticket prices, how much accommodation is or how i'm going to get there I know i'm going though no matter what they say. Are any of you going to the show in Melbourne?

Well I finally met him...

Well I finally met that guy I've been ranting on about for age now.. He was really nice and funny and was jut like amazing. The only problem is he ignored me for the first half an hour (we were at the football) and he saw me because I was sitting right In front of him. Then when he finally decided to talk to me we were sitting really awkwardly and stuff them this other girl came up and talke to him and then it was the most awkwardness thing ever -.- then she left and we were talking really well and had the best conversation ever.

Cover time yet again

Here's is my cover of Panic! At The Disco's Nine In The Afternoon. I hope you all enjoy and if you could please leave some feedback it would be much appreciated. I'm sorry I didn't post it earlier it's just some things have popped up and yeah... I'll try post a cover once every week or two whenever I really have the house to myself so I hope you enjoy :) Also have an awesome day/night/Afternoon :)

xoxo MCRloveforever