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You can't change me!!!!!!!

People have been trying to change me lately they have been trying to make me someone i'm not like trying to get me to stop swearing i can't help it it's just me and people trying to stop me listening to My Chemical Romance that will never ever happen not in a million years but the thing that really fucking annoys me is people trying to control other peoples lifes and decisions i dunno why but it just really annoys me

Why is everyone ignoring me????

how come each time i talk to someone who i thought was my friend keeps on ignoring me and then the rest of the time my siblings are annoying me and it's always about them not what i have to say i think i'll just keep my mouth shut from now on

what's up with every1

Last night i seen a Fun Ghoul Jacket on ebay for $50 and i wanted it soooooooo badly but no my stupid parents have to be so negative about me liking the things i do and cant even find $50 for something that would normally cost $150

What's wrong with me???

lately iv'e been doing the things i love which is singing and listening 2 MCR today i was singing along to MCR with my head phones blaring every1 around me was just staring and saying to shutup which really annoys the crap outta me cause they can do it and i can't which really is bullshit and then i put Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge on and i was singing along and then i dunno what happened my mum walked in with me singing the chorus to Helena and she's staring at me my reaction was to say what ya staring at which i did and then she tryed to get my sister to attack me which she did so now i

Any1 in Australia or any where close kow how 2 play instruments???

My friend and i are thinking of forming a band we already have a siger and a rythm guitarist just need a Bassist a drummer and a lead guitarist if any1 wanna be in a band with me please message me i also have a few crappy songs just lyrics though and 1 last thing i'm from Australia and at the moment i'm in Tasmania ,Australia if u close by let me know please!

what's the point??

what's the point of living when i only have 1 thing 2 live for which is MCR

what's the point??

what's the point of living when i only have 1 thing 2 live for which is MCR

what da hell

I can't see why everybody i know hates MCR i mean whats wrong about liking a band and there better than any poofy boy band they are amazing and i can't see why every1 hates them