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Yet another Instagram account ;-;

I've made yet another Instagram account and I'd love it if you guys could possibly follow it? @/ dem_band_lyrics_
Thank you! Ily!

Rant time; I think yes!

It feels like everything I have is being taken away.
Like, I used to get heaps of likes on Instagram compared to my friends and suddenly they're all Instagram famous.
I used to be the only person in my group of friends who had really swell internet friends and all of a sudden my friends are getting internet friends too.
I used to have heaps of followers on twitter also but now my best friend is like oh dude I've got more than you.
And also my friends used to be really Awkward around boys and suddenly their talking to more boys than I do! And they're like rubbing it in my face sorta thing?

The feels ;-;

Hey guys! Fuck Fake Your Death. Oh my lord this band will be the death of me ;-; Omf it fabulous though! I was like lying in bed crying this morning. Anyone else do the same? I don't know what to think if it I absolutely love it but it makes me so freaking sad at the same time. Let's just say it wasn't what I expected. To be honest I expected heavy guitars and a heavy drum beat but it was a pleasant surprise (: What are your thoughts on it? Anyway, how has life been for all the fabtab killjoys been?
Xoxo MCRloveforever

Last post failed a bit. I'll try again..

Hey killjoys! Could you please follow my new Instagram account? I'll follow back! My username is @ that_one_depressed_friend thank you guys :3

Follow my new Instagram account please?

Hey killjoys! Could you please follow my new Instagram account? I'll love you forever if you do

Thoughts on May Death Never Stop You?

Woah. It's been a while since I last logged onto this site. And I know this topic was more talked about a while ago but I kinda missed a lot of your opinions/posts about it. So tell me about your opinion on May death never stop you. Are you looking forward to it? I know I am! :D It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the future of MCR.. Somehow I think they're not getting back together though :c I don't like to admit it but i'm pretty sure a part of us all knows it's the truth. But maybe this will be the beginning of something better.

It does make it better trust me

Hello beautiful MCRmy members! Okay so this blog is going out to those who are struggling with a mental illness and are scarred to get help. First off it does help to tell someone anyone, i first told my bestfriend what was going on i was really scarred that she would judge me and things like that but to my surprise she didn't. She took it quite well actually and made it better for quite a few months after that. I know a lot of you have trust issues and i understand that 100% i really do.

Coffee is life just saying

Hello MCRmy! I realise I haven't been very active lately but things have been bad oh well! Whilst I haven't been active I've discovered the wonders of coffee. It is the best thing ever like oh my god. I've found myself drinking it south it's not even funny. It makes me really happy. Is that weird? I don't care I love coffe xD I've replaced most of my snacks with coffee is that bad? Oh well! I have so much more energy ( that's the caffeine speaking) but its making me feel better emotionally. The wonders of coffee eh? This was just a completely pointless post so don't judge.
Stay strong you

I dunno what to do help me please

Hey MCRmy! I'm actually super lost right now. I dunno what to so with my life. My depression has been really bad lately I can't remember tr lay time I smiled and it wasn't fake. I haven't been happy for a month or so. This is really weird for me because I'm usually super happy and always very positive but right now I just can't take it anymore. I'm faking everything no one knows what's goo on and I want it to stay this way. I feel I can't tell anyone anything. Last time I told someone how I felt, he left me because I told him I wasn't okay.

Well help me and my poor life please ;-;

Well there's this guy, he likes me. I don't like him like thy though I think he's jive but I want nothing more than to be friends, at some stages ( this is gonna sound really Bad but don't judge) I just really want him to piss off. I've just come out of a relationship I don't want anything more to do with guys right now. He keeps calling me beautiful and it's making me super uncomfortable like I barely know him, he lives in a completely different country and I'm no even remotely interested.