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Things really have changed.

Wow. I haven't been on this site in forever. I deleted my old blog on here a while ago, when I thought blogging wasn't my thing. Seems like I've been longing to be back on here though. Made a new account and will stay awhile. It's ironic how blogging is actually a big part of how I keep sane now. Like most, I too, am in denial about their split. Many say that MCR is not dead, their music is still alive. But that's only half of what's in my head. I'm thankful for their music, thankful music doesn't disperse. But I'll really miss them. Yeah, I said it. I'll miss them. Them together--a band is what made the music, the charisma. Without them together--it's just incomplete. Their music will always live, and hopefully the band will relive, hopefully. Hopefully they will reconnect as one again..keeping people sane one by one.

Alright, I did enough rambling for today. Love you guys. Bye.